Happy Holidays!

Here’s wishing you all happy holidays! I thoroughly enjoyed Christmas this year – the massive present and party planning leading up to the festivities, precious time spent with family and friends, the look of glee (especially amongst the ‘lil ones) when everybody opened their presents, and all that delicious food and over eating. I’ve been nursing a flu and a bad throat since Christmas eve, but ain’t no germs gonna get me down during Christmas! 
The combination of the Christmas spirit and the year coming to a close always leaves me in a reflective mood and I am reminded of what’s important; to have a grateful heart and be thankful for all the wonderful people who surround me. 
I hope all of you had a wonderful and meaningful Christmas. It’s the season of faith, hope and love, so spread love to those who may need it! I’ll be spending the next couple of days mulling over my New Year’s resolutions and setting goals in pursuit of my dreams. More on that to share soon.
On a side note, I think some of you are aware of the current controversy happening right now in the blogosphere. As someone who’s had the experience of working with several artiste management companies over the last decade, I can vouch with all honesty that Gushcloud has been fair, honest, and transparent in our relationship. They conduct their business professionally and sincerely. My experience with them has been nothing but great. Gushcloud believes in open communication and transparency. All these positive traits and more,  is what makes me a proud member of the Gushcloud community.
My heart goes out to the entire team who had to spend this Christmas season managing this ill timed inconvenience. Christmas is the time for love, joy and giving…  kudos to the team for handling all the negativity that’s been hurled at them. 
The Gushcloud team is one of the most hardworking groups of people that I’ve come to work with. The team has always been focused on bettering themselves and fostering an online community based on positivity.  It might be a part of human nature to think the worst of others, in fact, it most probably is easier to think the worst of others, instead of seeing the good that people do. I really do hope that public opinion will not be so swayed so easily by a single, biased source. I find it heartbreaking that such unprovoked hostility is supported by such blind hatred. The blind hatred of people who choose to believe manipulated data, unfounded evidence and unkind words. 
My personal testimony might not mean very much to you, but I believe that the truth will unfold with time. I’d just like to leave you with this quote that I’ve heard some years back;
 “It is easier to destroy than to create, it is easier to sow hate than to foster love. It is easier to judge than it is to seek the truth.” 

One of my favourite pictures taken with the Gushcloud family in Boracay last year. 

Christmas Magic at John’s

John’s yearly Christmas parties never fail to inject a huge dose of the Christmas spirit in everyone. Their place will be dressed to the nines with Christmas decorations, there’ll be food aplenty (with lots of yummy deserts…mmm), christmas carols playing, lots of laughter from people, and a caroling session by the piano to top it off.
This year’s party is purple/pink themed. My favourite colours! 😀
And that’s Nicholas, Mark, Hong, Joyce and Alvin. 🙂 My sweet posse!
What a coincidence – Jonathan Leong from Singapore Idol.
Here’s John dashing in purple, and he’s got this gorgeous brooch on!
Twin boys – Alvin and Hong.
Purply Nic and Pinky Mark.
We are Alvin’s princesses.
And sometimes Mark’s- the princesses of Emerald Hill that’s what he says. Hahaha.
And we ended the night with the usual carolling session.
Sweet. 🙂