Christmas Magic at John’s

John’s yearly Christmas parties never fail to inject a huge dose of the Christmas spirit in everyone. Their place will be dressed to the nines with Christmas decorations, there’ll be food aplenty (with lots of yummy deserts…mmm), christmas carols playing, lots of laughter from people, and a caroling session by the piano to top it off.
This year’s party is purple/pink themed. My favourite colours! 😀
And that’s Nicholas, Mark, Hong, Joyce and Alvin. 🙂 My sweet posse!
What a coincidence – Jonathan Leong from Singapore Idol.
Here’s John dashing in purple, and he’s got this gorgeous brooch on!
Twin boys – Alvin and Hong.
Purply Nic and Pinky Mark.
We are Alvin’s princesses.
And sometimes Mark’s- the princesses of Emerald Hill that’s what he says. Hahaha.
And we ended the night with the usual carolling session.
Sweet. 🙂

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