Albion Skincare

I was recently sent a bunch of skincare from Albion to try – the Skin Conditioner Essential, Exage White Crystal Milk I and the Skin Conditioner Essential Paper Mask. I am quite the beauty junkie (as you can tell from the photo below), but have sensitive skin (my skin breaks out or turns red easily), so I have to be very careful with the type of products that I put on my face.

My skincare products.

I was initially slightly worried to try these new products. I was worried that my skin will break out or turn red, hot and flustered, but I’ve heard good reviews and have read Kay Kay’s earlier rave on her blog. Plus, it completely helps that Albion is from Japan – I’ve been completely sworn into Japanese products ever since my flight attendant days in JAL. I think their products are generally so much more suited for Asian skin. 

Before I started trying the products, I took a read on their website to find out more about the Albion brand. This sentence about the brand got me very excited: 
“Based on our belief that whitening is the fundamental starting point in the quest for feminine beauty, we chose the name ALBION because it stands for the timeless dream of womankind and therefore symbolizes our pursuit of the ideal…”

Omg, so excited. I am ALL about whitening (and brightening). Besides needing my skincare to do the basics like cleansing, toning etc., whitening is a complete must and I’m on a constant quest to look for skincare products that help whiten and brighten the skin. 
“Since its launch in 1956, Albion has consistently engaged in the research and development of various products and skincare systems for making skin ‘translucent and supple’.” 
Super high hopes on the products after reading and researching their website. 
These are the instructions given to me on how to use the products:
Step 1. Apply Exage White Crystal Milk Lotion after cleansing to soften skin and prepare skin to receive the nutrients and goodness from the rest of the skincare products.

How the product looks.
Step 2. Skin Conditioner Essential Lotion (Albion’s Star Product!) to be used after the milk lotion and before moisturizer. Pat it in with a cotton pad and upon usage, you can see that skin is instantly clearer and smoother with a more refined texture.

The product on the cotton pad.
Skin Conditioner Mask: To be used twice a week to hydrate the skin.

Being a complete mask-aholic, the first product I tried was naturally, the Skin Conditioner Mask. Here’s a ‘before’ photo of me right after my shower, before putting on the mask. My skin was feeling quite tight and dry, not to mention dull looking, sallow and slightly splotchy. 

No make-up, edit or filter. Very scary. Check out my dark circles! :S

After 15 minutes:

I’m super surprised with the results! Skin is feeling super comfortable, soft and looking dewy. Skin also looks brighter and fairer! Plus my dark circles seem to have lighten too?! (I tried as best to take this photo under the same conditions as the earlier ‘before’ photo, with no editing, filtering or make-up.)

I applied the milk lotion after. It’s super nice smelling! Followed by the Skin Conditioner and was surprised at how cooling my skin felt upon application. Super comfortable! (Ok, I’m raving already!!)

Here’s my skin after the 3 steps: Super dewy, comfortable, brighter, fairer and most of all… my skin does not feel irritated at all and there’s not even the slightest redness. Yay!! So so happy!! Looking at this photo with no edit, I swear that even my pores look more refined. All these results with only the 1st usage. Super excited to use it long term now. Good skin here I come?? 🙂

Here’s what I got from the Albion Skin Conditioner website:

Six Reliable Effects of the Skin Conditioner:
1. Breakouts, irritability – Adds firmness and moisture to skin that tends to be dry.
2. Clarifies – Cleanses skin, leaving it bright and clear.
3. Wards off flushes after sunburn or snow burn – Cool sensation wards off flushness.
4. Draws skin tight – Keeps makeup in place.
5. Wards off pimples – Removes sebum so skin doesn’t feel oily.
6. Fresh, youthful skin – Comfortably hydrates, so skin feels fresh and pleasant.


To find out more about Albion products, you can ‘like’ their Facebook page here.

Albion products are also available for purchase at Takashimaya’s Beauty Hall.