Counting down…it’s less than 6 months to the wedding!

Oh gosh, where did all the time go. The wedding is less than 6 months away! I attended Flutters Eyelash’s 1st Anniversary party last Saturday and everyone kinda remarked that I was surprisingly cool (or too chill) about the upcoming wedding. Honestly, I’ve been so busy with Wardrobe Theory, I haven’t had much time or energy to think about the wedding. I’m leaving it all to the safe hands of my wedding planner, Clarissa from Lovorth Weddings! (I hope she’s reading this!) 
Chill and all, I would still like to look really nice on my wedding day. Jon doesn’t understand why girls put in soooo much effort to look good for just one day. Someone explain to him, please! Anyhow, I kinda ignored him when he said that. I’ve got a couple of concerns for my face, so I made an appointment and went to see Dr Karen Soh from Prive Aesthetics yesterday. During our consultation, she told me that everybody will be taking pictures on the wedding day and no one (except the professional photographer) will be doing any photoshop…”so let’s get you ready and looking beautiful from all angles!” 
We discussed a couple of options for me and we decided to first and foremost, start me on their Exilis Elite Treatment. The main concerns that I have for my face are: 
– Drooping cheeks
– Saggy jowls
– Drooping eyelids
– Double chin
These concerns only came about in the past year or so (damn you, aging!!) and it’s showing a lot more on my right face compared to my left. I’m assuming its normal that both sides of the face age at a different rate? On normal days, I make it up by putting my left face forward in most pictures. I’ve been considering treatments such as Thermage for a while, but am so scared of the pain! So, when Dr Karen shared with me about the Exilis Elite Treatment, I was really excited. I’m supposed to achieve similar results to Thermage, without the pain and downtime. 
The Exilis Treatment is supposed to contour your face, tighten your skin and improve skin laxity, rejuvenate your face by stimulating collagen production, plump your skin and reduce wrinkles and improve the appearance of dark circles. 
I went for my first treatment today (I was really excited, haha) and I can’t wait to share with all of you the subtle changes that I’ve noticed already. Here’s a before/after. I took the pictures at the same spot and angle for a fair comparison.
I’ve highlighted my concerns with the text. It’s obvious that my right face is sagging more than my left. 😦 I’ve got my brows drawn, eyeliner on and under-eye concealer in this picture. 

The results I’m seeing immediately after 1 session of Exilis Treatment: saggy cheek and jowl on my right face looks slightly improved (yay!!). Overall, I’ve noticed that my skin looks tighter, fine lines especially those around my eyes have lessened, dark circles have lightened (my dark circles in the ‘After’ picture looks lighter than the ‘Before’ when I’ve got concealer on in the before picture). My eyes are also looking brighter – possibly from the lifted eyelids and tighter skin. 
I’m supposed to see even more results after 2-3 days and optimal results after 6 sessions. All in time for my wedding…I can’t wait! 😀 

I forgot to add!! I experienced no pain at all during the treatment. All I felt was heat – like someone was giving me a hotstone massage on my face. 


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