The search for ‘the one’.

The part of the wedding planning that gets me most excited is searching for the perfect dress. I’ve tried on gowns at 3 bridal studios so far. Call me dramatic, but I’m thinking that when you’ve found the perfect one, a gasp will form under your breath, and you’ll know in your heart that this is ‘the one’.  
These are the gowns that I’ve tried on so far. The first one is from Prelude Bridal, 2nd – 5th from Jessica Cindy, and the last 4 is from Tiara Bridal. I started out the search with a pretty clear idea of what I wanted in mind – mermaid or trumpet cut with little or no lace. Lace details are a little too feminine for me. 
I didn’t want to limit myself with these options in my head right from the start and kept my options open during these fitting sessions. I tried on as many different cuts and detail options possible. After trying on so many, I’ve not swayed much, or rather, at all from these criteria. I decided that I still like the mermaid or trumpet cut, and lace is still not for me. But, I’ve added on other must-haves to the list: lots of tulle and I would like a dreamy, off-shoulder tulle detail added to the gown. 
Which gown do you like me best in? Please leave me a comment! 

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