My skin saver.

I was in a wintery country last month and my friend from there asked me how I maintained such fair skin coming from a sunny island like Singapore. “Lyco White and sunscreen”, is my answer. If you’re wondering what Lyco White is, it’s an oral skin supplement to support skin health. Packed with powerful ingredients that are all proven to significantly work, these tablets are an all-in-one for whitening, sun protection and as an anti-oxidant. 
I’m on to my second bottle already (each bottle lasts a month) and although I admit that I’m already quite fair to start, the most significant difference I’ve noticed is that my skin looks a lot less dull. Especially on days when I’m tired and didn’t get enough sleep. Before, my skin used to look really dull and yellow on days like these. These days, even when I’m feeling horrible and unrested inside, my skin fakes it and makes me look all fresh and bright. 
The whitening process of Lyco White comes from the humble fruit, the tomato. A complex called Phytofloral is derived to help give you fairer and clearer skin. It also helps decrease the sun’s effect on your skin by inhibiting melanin synthesis. Which means, I can stay out in the sun longer without developing a tan, become sunburnt or develop dark spots. Plus, it contains a unique ingredient to increase the skin’s ability to defend itself against UV radiation. 
My favourite benefit from this awesome pill is its super antioxidant powers. We all know how essential antioxidant is for happy and healthy skin. I’ve noticed that my sensitive skin is a lot less sensitised after taking Lyco White and is less reactive to pollution and the environment. My skin used to flare up and I’d get red spots from allergies and what not. 
To complete this pill and make it even more awesome than it already is, black pepper extract is added which boosts absorption of all the nutrients. This means that all the goodness is absorbed into your system quicker, which means faster results.  
Now you all know why, alongside many of my other friends who have embarked on their Lyco White journey love it so much and ‘panic’ when we forget to take our dose for the day. It’s literally, a skin saver! 
You can get your dose of healthier and brighter skin with Lyco White from IDS Clinic. For more details:

IDS Clinic is located at:
8 Sinaran Drive #05-07 to 10
Novena Specialist Centre

Tel: 6568 3555

My entire skincare range is from IDS and I’m seeing excellent results on my skin from their products! 
Outfit details:
Playsuit: Wardrobe Theory 
(I especially love the back details on this piece)
Brooch: Chanel
Heels: Alice & Olivia
Hair & Make-Up: Xuann

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