Hello, stronger and thicker hair!

If you guys remember, I blogged about L’Oreal’s Hair Expertise range of sulfate-free, silicone-free and paraben-free haircare last year. A quick reminder, sulfate is really really bad for the hair. Sulfate is equivalent to and found in most home and industrial cleaning products such as floor cleaners, car wash soaps and engine degreasers. Using shampoo and hair products containing sulfate can lead to dry and brittle hair, split ends and scalp irritation. So if you want healthy and shiny hair, sulfate is a big no.

L’Oreal has recently introduced and added on to their Hair Expertise range a complete hair and scalp system that includes shampoo, conditioner and hair thickening tonic. Aptly named EverStrong Hair and Scalp System, these 3 products when used in unison targets hair fall control from the roots so that you’ll have stronger, thicker hair in 30 days! 
The promise to target hair fall control from the roots got me really interested as my regular hairstylist told me that she noticed that my hair has gotten significantly lesser over the years. *gasp* (Damn you, ageing process!!) I’ve also noticed that I drop quite a lot of hair throughout the day and during hair wash. Most likely, years of scalp neglect is the cause for this hair loss. I’m sure it also doesn’t help that I’m quite a bit older now…everything seems to start falling apart as you age. I used to have a full head of thick hair! Anyhow, here are a couple of reasons why your scalp becomes clogged: 
– Excessive sebum production/oily scalp
– Leftover styling products
– Pollutants
– Improper cleansing/use of the wrong products
So obviously when your scalp is clogged, your hair cannot grow properly and healthily. Just as like plants that need good fertile soil and nutrients to grow well, hair is the same and a healthy scalp is necessary for thick and luscious locks. The EverStrong range of products promise to help regulate and control sebum production, hence allowing hair to grow healthily while fortifying hair strands, making each strand thicker and stronger. It’s enriched with botanical oils such as Rosemary to sooth the scalp, Mint to revitalize and also contains Amino Acid Complex to fortify, thicken and energize the scalp.
To test the effectiveness of the EverStrong range, I’ve embarked on the 30 day challenge to test the claim for ‘stronger, thicker hair in 30 days’.  I had my scalp tested for a before/after review.

In this ‘before’ image, you can see that my hair strands are of varying thickness with some being very thin. As opposed to a healthy head of hair where the strands are of similar thickness (see below picture). This hair test shows that my hair strands are thinning which means that my hair is more brittle and drops and snaps easily. Thinner hair strands also equals a less full head of hair. 

I am mid-way through the challenge and this is how my scalp looks. Already, the width of my hair strands look more similar and each strand looks thicker and stronger. Although we could not locate the exact same spot for the before/after images, we did a more thorough scan around my scalp for this after review and the images all turned out pretty similar. 

Besides strengthening my hair so that each strand becomes thicker, I really love the minty smell of the products and how fresh my scalp feels after a wash. My scalp also feels a lot cleaner now, like I’ve thoroughly removed all the hair styling product build-ups and excess oil. 

If you would like a healthier scalp and stronger, fuller hair, join the L’Oreal Hair Expertise Every Strong 30-day Scalp Care Challenge too! (Honestly, I can’t imagine anyone who wouldn’t want a healthier scalp and stronger hair…)
Here’s how:
1. Purchase the Ever Strong tonic and receive a 59ml set of shampoo + conditioner. 
2. To redeem your complimentary shampoo + conditioner, register with your particulars on L’Oreal’s HERE.
3. Use the full set of products for 30 days after redemption. At the end of the 30 days, head back to L’Oreal’s office for an after challenge scalp shot, share your testimonial and receive a $50 hamper incentive.

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