OSIM uShape and Xando Food

I attended the OSIM uShape and Xando event recently with a couple of other Gushcloud influencers. 
The uShape has a strong vibration motion that cause rapid contractions to all muscles that are being exercised, helping you achieve a whole body workout in a shorter time and with lesser effort. 

There is a whole range of different positions you can take on the machine that will help you target different areas of your body for effective toning and shaping. You can do a full body workout, stretch, spot or strength training. You can even work with stretch bends to achieve the results and body that you want. 
Here’s me trying out the uShape. It feels similar to working on the machines I worked on at power plate classes, where the vibrations help work your muscles harder than the effort that you’re putting in. I love the fact that you can work out at home. How convenient! 
For more details or to purchase the uShape online, click HERE.
Next, we moved on and tried the Xndo food. Xndo has a whole range of food products ranging from drinks to full meals to dessert with very low calories. The food contains no preservative (so important!) and stays fresh because of its special packaging.  

We all know that the lower calorie intake we take in everyday, the slimmer we get. So for example, if you replace one meal everyday with an Xndo half calorie meal, accompany your meal with an Xndo drink and finish off with an Xndo dessert, you actually shave off about 1,000 calories a day…but still get a full, satisfying and delicious meal. 
My favourite was the instant noodles. It’s super yummy! I’ll definitely have these instant noodles for supper when I absolutely must eat something. At least I won’t feel so guilty! 
For more information on Xndo food and to purchase online, click HERE. 

With Reiee, Joanna and Lucinda at the event. 🙂 

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