A Kucinta Family Reunion

I shot this channel 5 telemovie – A Kucinta Family Reunion during the period of end Dec – early January. I had the best time working on this project. The entire cast and crew were so nice and fun to work with, and there was so much creative input during shoot. I had a blast!

We had the wrap party at Helipad last night. The stylist on set, Kenneth was spinning on the decks last night. Here are some pictures to share!! Erm…I had to sepia tone the pictures cos’ I’m way too red in all the photos! haha. 🙂

Pok – the guy behind the lens. 

Joanna and Cici – the 2 littlest girls working on the production

my “secret admirer” – Brandon!!

Karen – Ms Harajuku hair/make-up stylist

Introducing – Ah Ye. The straightest-laced, nice guy from Taiwan.

The brains behind the entire project – Ric the Director!

Funky dreadlocks sound guy, Nelson

More pictures from on set!

Stylist/ Dj – Special K…Kenneth!

This telemovie was shot specially for the Chinese New Year. Please watch ok!! 27 January (2nd day of New Year), 10pm, Channel 5! HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR!!

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