Living With…@ The Arts House

It’s 4am and I can’t seem to get to sleep… I think it’s the chinese tea I had at karaoke just. Caffeine screws my head up sometimes, wait. Does chinese tea contain caffeine? I should think so? Anyways, well I can’t sleep, so thought I’ll post about the event I just had.

One of the directors/teachers at Intune Music (the place where I’m learning the keyboard) was having his concert session at the Arts House. It was held in the ‘Living Room’, a really cosy little place with a grand piano – pretty much like the living room of a nice home, and concert sessions held in there are entitled:” Living with…(name). So his session was ‘Living with Aaron’ (obviously his name). My keyboard teacher suggessted I play the piano for another singer who was guest singing and I agreed to do his two songs.

I had about 2 months of grilling and practising for the songs, and I was quite glad the day finally arrived for me to present it. I was getting quite ‘gelat’ of playing the songs already. Haha, and I bet my family peeps and neighbours were also getting quite tired of hearing me play the same songs over and over again.

I also hosted the night’s event with Kenny, and I must say I had quite a lot of fun doing so. I think I really do enjoy hosting, when I’m in a relaxed atmosphere. πŸ˜€ As for the song playing bit, all I can say that I wasn’t quite satisfied with what I presented (must have been nerves and all)…but Oh well, another experience in the bag. I only hope I’ll do better next time?

Same ‘ol….it’s picture time!!

Me and Xueting, a singer/guitarist…she had her own “Living with…” session before mine with Zuoen. πŸ™‚

Me and Zuoen! A really talented musician. I love her voice!

Me and Siming – who was also playing a rendition of Stefanie Sun’s “Yu Tian” on the piano.

Us again…with our best “super nervous” face. It can be super freaky playing on the piano la! A wrong note and it’s super obvious. >_<

Kenny!~ my co-host. πŸ™‚ (on the grand piano)

Me and Alex (the singer whom I was playing for). You can catch a glimpse of the Living Room in the background. Nice!

My ever-talented keyboard/piano teacher – Chisheng. He almost never makes mistakes…super irritating. Haha, I’m jealous…zzz

And the star for the night, Aaron. πŸ™‚ He sang and played so many heart-wrenching songs, and he did it so well, almost brought me to tears… I saw some in the audience teary-eyed and sniffling.

Finally, group shot!

If any of you are interested in vocal training, song-writing, keyboad, do log on to: Very talented teachers!!

p.s, I think I had a bit of an Amy Winehouse hairstyle that night… All hair was kindly sponsored by “haarattic”. πŸ˜€

Right! I think I’m getting slightly sleepy now…better go catch some shut-eye before I lose the feeling. I hate having insomias! Domo of course, is sound asleep and looking veryyyyy comfortable. That boy never seems to have any trouble sleeping!

2 thoughts on “Living With…@ The Arts House

  1. nice hair and outfit. love it lots. looking forward to our trip??? seriously i got no idea what to do in aussie! can we go back to tokyo instead???hugs,candy


  2. thanks gal! πŸ™‚haha i have no idea what to do in melbourne either! completely unfamiliar! but i’m looking forward to it and you gals. πŸ˜€ still SO far away though!! as for tokyo….i’m up for that too! haha harajuku, shibuya, mmmmm…..always up for tokyo!!


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