Kosmic (my management company) had their annual photoshoot a couple of days ago. It’s my first with them since I’m pretty new. It was a time to meet with all the other artistes again (namely, Jaymee, May & Choy, Max and Claire) and of course, take nice pictures to build up our portfolio. 🙂

Dominic – the photographer is telling me something. I have a really weird expression on my face… Haha, but he’s a really easy and fun photographer to work with.

Posing…trying out all possible angles and different ways to contort my body. 🙂 I hope I got some good shots!

Hair references!…stylist wanted a very ‘textured’ look.

Group shot! This was our first ‘group formation’. But it was too casual with us all in a row.

“Second formation”.

And finally! We got our positions right! That’s me, May, Choy, Claire, and Max and Jaymee sitting down. There’s only 6 of us in the family, but I like it this way. Sweet, cosy and nice. 🙂

Susie our manager did a wonderful job putting the whole shoot together, plus the styling too! Thanks so much gal for your sweat and tears! 🙂

And look what I got for a treat after the shoot! 😀 Yummyyyyy!!!

Keep well everyone! 🙂

3 thoughts on “Shoot!*

  1. mel: haha yes! the photo is tempting ain’t it!! 😀ene: hehe thanks che, i liked the outfit too. it fitted well, considering we didn’t have a ‘fitting session’. i doubt they’ll ever use the 2nd photo pose though cos’ you can’t really see my face. 🙂


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