I Survived the Shape Run

When Denise – the Publicist (from Kosmic Film) rang to tell me that I’ve been invited to participate in the Shape Run, my first reaction was: “NO WAY! 5 KM!!! I’ll dieeeee!”

But after some cajoling, I agreed. I convinced myself that 5km can’t be that bad right? I run 2-3km every week anyway…

I didn’t give it much thought, until I was reminded by e-mail about the upcoming run. I panicked a little, and decided to do a practise run on the threadmill at the gym. I didn’t feel too bad surprisingly, and completed the 5km almost without a sweat. ( I suspect, I was very distracted by the TV programme I was watching the whole time and hence didn’t feel like my limbs were falling off, or that my lungs were about to burst.)

Anyhow, feeling rather glorious, I told myself that I was ready for the run!

I awoke on Sunday at 5.15am (what an unearthly hour >_<), feeling rather stoned from the lack of sleep and made my way to City Hall to meet Denise the Publicist. I was shocked to see so many florescent yellow singlet bearing girls! (Forgive me, it's my first time participating in such runs…I have no idea how massive they usually are.)

Denise then arrived and greeted me in an equally stoned manner and we made our way to the run venue. We signed me in and after some warm-ups, I made my way to the start point. I still couldn’t quite get over how massive the crowd of female runners was!

After some more warm-ups led by professionals, 3,2,1 and we were off! I felt pretty ok at the start, more concerned in trying not to elbow the runner beside me or step on the runner in front of me and I concentrated on trying to get my pace and breathing right. We ran past one fullerton and as we were about 1/4 way through the 5km run, this super fit looking 10km runner was already striding her way back to the end point! Goodness!

But not even mid-way through the run, I slowly felt the fatigue creeping up on me…my legs felt like lead, my arms were tired, I felt lacked of oxygen, my mind screamed for me to stop. But when I looked around and still saw so many girls going strong, I pushed myself not to give up. (Opps, I think I’m competitive that way…cannot lose la! :D) “Not far to go”…I kept psyching myself. I remembered feeling rather euphoric when I saw the mid-way drink station… And when my route started contouring back towards the start/end point, I was almost delirious.

After what felt like eternity, I finally saw the beatiful end point gantry! Yipeeeeee!!! I’ve made it! (Sorry to disappoint, but I did not faint mid-way as some of you would have thought I would. Hehe ;p)

So, here I am, proud to declare that ‘I’ve Survived the Shape Run.’. 🙂

I’m still waiting for the certificate with timing to be sent to me. I suspect I didn’t do too badly by my standards.

Me feeling rather victorious after the run. My number was 9767. When my mum saw my number tag, she was like ‘wah, must buy 4D’. Haha…

Guess what I did when I got home after the run?

😀 slap on whitening facial mask and slathered tons of whitening moisturiser on myself….the sun is evil. Hahaha…

I thought I’ll share some of my ‘beauty secrets’…I especially swear by the green ‘Silk Whitia’ mask. It’s quite slimy, but it really evens and brightens skin tone, and calms irritated skin as well.

My everyday ‘must’!

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