Sichuan Earthquake

For the first time, I had to hold back my tears from reading a news report in the Straits Times. The detailed coverage showed the extensive destruction of the earthquake that measured 7.9 on the richter scale. The mass crumbling of tofu-like buildings all around caused thousands to be trapped under fallen rubble with thousands injured, killed and desperately seeking help. The survivors who had their homes suddenly ripped away from them, are left aimless and cast out on the streets. Death tolls could eventually reach up to 50,000.

I was shocked by our merciless nature and I was jolted to re-think how lucky I was to be sitting comfortably in my home reading about the devastating news that was happening concurrently in another part of the world. I only hope that aid would reach the victims quickly, and that the survivors, and those who has had their loved ones torn away from them will find strength to recover from their harrowing experience.

As for the rest of us lucky enough to not be part of it, perhaps it’s time to start counting our blessings?

5 thoughts on “Sichuan Earthquake

  1. sad to see the news..i hold back my tears when i dad aso at there and uncontactable~~cannot contact dao him~worry for him sia =(miniD cute sehz~where u buy?


  2. 人要懂得知足。不要把现在所拥有的当作是一所当然。不要把现在当作是“这是我应该得到的”。No one will know what happen the next min, the next moment! Live your Life to the fullest as thou today is the last day!Treasure what you have.. Treasure the friends and peeps around you!Don’t take things for granted!have a great weekend! and also enjoy the holiday tmr! =D


  3. oh dear, i hope you’ve managed to contact your dad evonne, and i hope he’s all safe and sound.miniD was a gift, but you can find him at the gift department at takashimaya. 🙂 joyce…yup, very well said. we have to constantly remind ourselves!


  4. Till now .. it still uncontactable =( bro n his gf went there n see the situation already… =( really hope it good news ..although..prepare for the bad news already=(


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