Diet Problems.

I’ve had gastritis since I got back from Hong Kong. I think it was probably due to all that oily and rich food I had,… and the stress of shopping (?!). I spoke to a doctor/ nutritionist today about my constant tummy problems and migraines, and she advised that I cut out wheat, dairy and soy products from my diet. Which equates, cutting out: my favourite ‘honey stars+milk’ breakfast, my favourite eggs (all types), my favourite noodles (especially the ‘dah mee’ from the hawker centres), soya bean milk products, cookies, cakes etc etc etc. Instead, she recommends porridge for breakfast, salads or rice for lunch and again rice with simple vegetables, soup, fish and meat for dinner. Yeakssssssss!! Boo! What have I “Jeneen the foodie” got to live for now? 😦

7 thoughts on “Diet Problems.

  1. A wise chinese saying goes something like “A little rest is for preparation for a longer journey”.Eat healthier a bit and than gorge yourself with honey stars later lar…:P


  2. Halo, babe!Get well soon, yeah?Is not a good or great feeling to have gastritis! it yucks can!?! =(anyway, I guess maybe you at hong kong ate too much oily and too salty food le, your body system trying to accept the much more salty and oily food there. Then you back in s’pore le, you went back to square 1 where the food here is much lesser oil and salty. so maybe this caused your stomach to unable to accept?Haha! anyway, get well soon! ^^oh ya! miniD is CUTE! KAWAII! =D


  3. Try going on the Cohen diet which I’m on right now. It’s HELL. No carbs, can only eat very small meals three times a day (with 5-hour gap in between each meal) etc It’s driving me nuts! But hey, shed 4kg in 2 weeeks. Hee…


  4. OMG, that sounds really difficult! but 4kg in 2 weeks! that’s amazinggggg!!! congrats gal! keep going! you can do it!!!! *waves pom poms*


  5. thanks joyce! yes, it’s a horrible feeling…gastritis. 🙂 but i’m slowly getting better already with all the medicine! thanks again! 🙂


  6. jeneen!take good care of urself yeah =)i aso hav gastric problems!not good =( speedy recoovery :DDDminiD is CUTE sehz.~where u buy de ?!?hahahahaaha


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