Home Sweet Home.

I’m back from my trip to Hong Kong! I was there for 5 days, and all I did was – eatshop.eatshop.eatshop.eatshop. πŸ˜€ My kinda life! But! Not forgetting Disneyland of course. I could never give my favourite place a miss. πŸ™‚ Same old…i LUV holidays!! wheee!

Introducing miniD!

miniD enjoying his plane ride, his glass of apple juice and nuts. πŸ™‚

My sleeping cousin, Elaine. That girl can really sleep on planes! She gets on, settles down, and snoozes throughout…and only wakes for meals.

That’s me and miniD, bored on the plane. It was only a 3 half hour ride, but I still got really fidgety and erm, bored. Inflight movies and stuff don’t do it much for me.

Lunch! – A yucky one though, I hardly touched the food…even the Hagen Dazs ice cream, because it was chocolate: my least favourite ice cream flavour. 😦

This was probably taken before Elaine started hibernating…or was it after? I forgot. Anyways, we were looking forward to landing.

Yipee, we finally touched-down. πŸ™‚ Waiting for the hotel shuttle to take us to our hotel, Langham Place at Mongkok.

In our hotel room: miniD getting comfortable on the huge bed with many pillows.

Elaine getting comfortable too.

Our very hi-tech room. It comes complete with i-pod dock, DVD player, huge flat screen TV and other techy stuff.

Nice bathroom with nice lighting. I really hate harsh, florescent lights in bathrooms.

View from our 26 floor. It gets extremely pretty at night with all the lights.

Cam-whoring with miniD and Elaine. πŸ™‚

Langham Place is my favourite hotel to stay in Hongkong. It’s conveniently located in Mongkok (very near Causeway Bay, Tsim Sha Tsui etc) and it’s linked to Langham shopping centre (where H&M is located!!!) and the MTR station. Opposite the hotel, there are lots of shops, eateries, a stall selling really yummy chewy fish balls, a spa place where I go for foot massages, as well as the Ladies’s Market. Plus, I love the avant-garde, artsy look of the hotel and it always smells nice. Ok, that sounds kinda weird, but I think they constantly burn aromatherapy or something, but really, the hotel always smells really nice.

Our first meal in HongKong. Elaine brought me to this little shop in Kowloon that sells really yummy dumplings! *slurps*

Up bright and early the next day eager to hit the stores and chomp up all the yummy food! πŸ˜€

Dim-sum in a restaurant in Langham Mall. ~ another place I always go to when I visit HongKong.

miniD eyeing the bird’s nest egg tart.

Attacking a super yummy egg yolk custard bun. mmmm….

The colourful streets of HongKong.

Lunch at Tsui Wah (Causeway Bay), a popular ‘cha chan teng’. They serve really yummy food…especially their condense milk+butter bun. *slurps* We went back there many times during the course of our trip…till the waiter recognised us: the two ‘foreigners’ who are always carting too many shopping bags, and who order food with a smattering of cantonese, mandarin, english and sign language. Nothing gets in the way between us and their condense milk+butter buns. πŸ˜€

My favourite must-have dish in Hong Kong! 豬扒飯

Look at the clothes I got for Domo! πŸ˜€ He looks super cute in his ‘hip-hop bling’ suit and the sushi chef shirt. πŸ˜€

And here’s my loot midway of the trip. I got really excited at H&M… I also got myself a ToyWatch complete with pink bling and silver crystal bling skull! (Hong kong has a really extensive range of ToyWatches!) Whoots!! :)))))

….*yawns* that’s all I have to share for now, the Zzzz monster is attacking me. Will continue the post soon. *sweet dreams!

12 thoughts on “Home Sweet Home.

  1. My turn next month! omg… the doggy outfits are so adorable! but.. uhm… porn star? domo? lol any nice places to recommend in wanchai? i’ll be staying there.


  2. ene: i’ll get one for you the next time i see it! πŸ™‚jayine: haha, erm, porn star, yes…haha…. i got the outfits from ladies’s street. about $18 for one. cheap! wanchai…hmm…i don’t think i went there, and i’m not sure what’s there, but you should definitely go to causeway bay. look for the sogo exit and get out, and you’ll find lots of small shops, especially this place called Laforet and Island Beverley – floors of those little shops with nice stuff. πŸ™‚ there’s also a mall at harbour front which is hugeeeeeee, but that has more upmarket, shopping centre type shops.


  3. do post more on ur HK trip, want to see what u really buy haaaa.. i miss HK shopping.By the way which hotel u stayed? seems good.


  4. Hong Kong looks damn fun! I can’t believe I’ve never been! Am targeting to go some time this year… hopefully! πŸ™‚By the way, where is H&M from? It’s pretty big here too…


  5. -you should try and go to hkg mint! i heard you’ve got an uncle there too? he can show you around and take you to all the yummy food! hmm…i think H&M is from…London? -i’ll post more about hkg once i have the time! and i stayed at Langham Place, Mongkok. luved it.


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