Thinking Out Loud

Is there a point in working hard when nobody sees it but yourself? Or is it enough knowing full well that you’ve done your best even if nobody sees it?

4 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud

  1. I figure the latter, tho it *is* nice when people appreciate you (your work) too =) I guess knowing that you’ve done something superbly well gives you a sense of satisfaction when you look at the final product, and think “This is my baby!”


  2. Biao Mei, yes it is enough that you know your’re working your hardest. You told me before that life is unfair and some people just have it easier, but hold on to your faith and your time will come…. i know it will… love ya.. Muack!


  3. Hi Jeneen,I wasn’t quite sure where to leave this comment. Just want to let you know that you have done what a lot of people do not have the courage to do; that is to sacrifice what you have to chase your dream. The destination is not as important as having courage to start the journey. You have done well and we are extremely proud of you!cheers!


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