Days of Our Lives

I’ve been hit by a bout of stomach flu after a mixed concoction off too many different types of alcohols and greasy fries on that one fateful night. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ I’ve been paying the price of that one short night of indulgence…my tummy is refusing to digest anything – except dry wheat crackers and raisin bread. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ All I wanna do is sleep in all day but…there’s still a schedule to follow. The semis is only 2 over weeks away after all. Sighhhhh….

8 of us semi-finalists went to Barfly at Clarke Quay for I-Weekly’s photoshoot today. The shoot is actually for the final 6 contestants who get into the finals evantually…but due to time constrain and schedules etc etc etc…they have to do the shoot even before the final 6 are chosen. As for the 2 who will be eliminated in this upcoming round….their photos shot today will be shredded to pieces and thrown out of the window. Sigh…the harsh realities of life. Ha. It was a fun shoot anyhows (only wished my tummy would have stopped acting up on me)…very glam…very couture. Interesting concept too. Would love to see the end result in the spread…if I do manage to squeeze myself into the final 6 that is.

Haoyi (the older twin from Taiwan) invited us all over to their place last night and cooked us a really yummy, scumptious dinner. (He’s an amazing cook for a 19 year old boy!!) It kinda felt like ‘the last supper’ because he and his younger twin Haoying left Singapore and headed back home today. Most of the foreign contestants have all gone back to their respective home countries and our original group of 20 has been downsizing rapidly. Again, it was all fun and laughter and a lot of fooling around. I realise that all of us are rather theatrical and ‘ๅพˆๆ„›ๆผ”’. Ha, I guess that’s why we are all in ‘Star Search’. The camera crew came along to film ‘behind the scenes’ and they got us talking about our journey so far and our feelings towards it all and each other. This bit got a lot of our eyes all watery because it has been a rather emotional journey for all of us with a lot of ups and downs. But, we all agreed at the end of the day, what was most endearing was the friendships we forged with each other. – Something we never thought would have happened when we started out on this journey. Anyhows, we will all miss you Haoyi and Haoying, and we are missing the rest…Tracy, Reeve, Angel, for the other Singaporeans, we look forward to seeing you all every episode. ๐Ÿ™‚

The twins and I (older twin, Haoyi on the left and younger twin, Haoying on the right)

Jiayang and I

The Monkey Tribe

Priscilla, Iren and I

Jayine and I

Yvonne and I

Desmond, Marcus and I

The team behind the show

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