Thank you :)

Thank you so much everyone for all your encouragement and kind words in response to the ”anonymous comment”. Reading them all really warmed my heart. 🙂

Throughout this competition, my personal goal was to keep improving and to only ‘compete against myself’. I pondered long and hard over the issue of being ‘fake’ and whatever negative vibes that I seemed to exude to certain people after Tuesday’s show. I finally got nowhere after all that pondering, because all I could conclude was, I was truly being myself and was truly having a ball of a time on stage! 🙂 I do admit of course, that I have a way lot to improve in my acting and I have been and am working hard on it… Hopefully, I’ll be able to deliver something better the next round and achieve personal growth.

Anyhows, the next show will be 2 hour long instead of the usual 1 hour, and will be held on a Sunday instead of the usual Tuesday slots. Preparations and rehersals are already along the way and we are learning something new behind closed doors now. I can’t say much about it yet…except that it’s really rather physically demanding! ouch ouch ouch!

Snaps taken behind the scenes….we are all missing everyone who have ‘left’ us! 😦

Behind the scenes for our video shoot –

Fooling around during fitting for the quarter finals 😀

Our cutest ‘babysitter’ – Jayine

3 thoughts on “Thank you :)

  1. i almost wanted to scream my heads off and was starting to plan how to kaa-putt you in my head tomorrow when i see you le.. until i saw my pic alllLlllLll the way at the bottom! haha.. i shall stand by the illusion that you are saving the best for the last sia? haha.. and i tot you forgot all abt me.. haha..


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