Quarters Aftermath

An anonymous left me a comment on my blog after (I figured) last night’s quarter finals show. He/she said…”you look good in your blog pics.. but why do u look so bad on tv? especially your bug teeth? and your smile is so fake?”

I thought I’ll give some response to him or her..cos it’s my first hate mail!! Firstly, I’ll have to ask you back.. “Why are you so mean!!?” Does it give you instant gratification to insult someone… especially when done so ‘anonymously’? 😦 Maybe sometimes you may forget that others are human like you are, and also live and feel the same way you do. Maybe you should try being criticised for the way you look someday by someone….or maybe you should try doing a live show on TV too….and see how that feels. 🙂 Anyway, nonetheless…I thank you for your ‘constructive criticism’. My first ‘hate’ mail! Haha. Perhaps, you can give me some suggestions on my performance next time. 🙂 That should help.

p.s I did contemplate changing my entire set of teeth way before your commented on my blog because I do know of my ‘buck teeth’ problem….but *ouch* I chickened out after thinking about the pain I’ll have to go through…and decided I should concentrate on my inner self instead and work on expanding my energy on my performances itself.


I got through to the semis! 🙂 Very surprisingly…maybe having no expections really helped. I never thought I’ll stand on that stage again after last night’s show before this…because everyone else in that round seemed so strong to me! I went in with no expectations, and solely wanted to enjoy my ‘last show on stage’ and retreat gracefully. I was shocked when my name was announced. 🙂 I think i’m having the aftermath adrenaline rush…because I can’t seem to sleep after the show. (Never thought this would happen…I mean before the show maybe, but after ?! what’s wrong with me! haha) Maybe the judges did see my growth after the first elimination round. After all I have been working my arse off to improve- especially in acting. What would help alot now, is to have a tongue surgery to switch my tongue to a mandarin speaking one. 😀

I especially want to thank again all my lovelies who came down to the studio to support me, and definitely also everyone else who have been giving me so much help and pointers, whom have been cheering, praying and encouraging me. Thank you so much for pushing me along this journey and for helping me believe in myself. 🙂

Oh one more thing….I saw the huge pink banner che!!! So pretty!! Thank youuuuuuu!!!!!!!

I really should try and sleep somemore now….goodnight! 😉

11 thoughts on “Quarters Aftermath

  1. In a competition like this, where you’re under direct scrutiny from the media veterans and the public, it’s hard not to expect some unfavourable comments. No matter what you do (or don’t do), there’ll be critics out there who’ll love to shred you to pieces. So don’t worry too much about hate mail – there will always be people who love to put others down, perhaps due to insecurity or plain jealousy.You’ve come a long way and you should take pride in the achievements you’ve made, regardless of what your detractors may say. What’s more important is that you’ve got a great, supportive family who’ll always be there for you no matter what. Good luck in the next round!


  2. Hey babe…i dun usually like commenting, but really could not resist in the hope that anonymous would read my comment.like what he/she said, he/she feels you appear different from your pics, as opposed to the you on tv. similarly, you may not be what he/she judges/perceives, quite simply cos he/she does not know the real you.to anonymous: if it gives u satisfaction to say something so hurtful and unconstructive anonymously, then who are you to talk about ‘realness’? Babe, there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with your teeth. you are great as you are, not just cos u are pretty, but also a sincere and genuine person, special to all those who care about you!


  3. when u become an artiste there will be more critizes… You are not the prettiest, but remember when Felicia Chin just join Mediacorp how she look like??At least ur look is better than her. So no worries..Just prepare to put on braces if u really join MCS. Good luck


  4. I fully agree with what eowYCn wrote above. Being in the public eye means you will appeal to some and not to others. It is easy for faceless chicken s*** who hide behind the anonymous postings to leave flaming comments. There is no consequence to live up to so what’s there to stop them from passing pointless remarks?The most important things to remember are:1) Your friends and family is always behind you, 101%. Even if you have 200 giant teeth and 6 legs.2) Have loads of fun and learn from the experience. Winning is not everything. Gaining life experiences is what matters.And psst, people who leave horrible anonymous comments live very sad lonely lives and the best thing to do is to ignore them because really, they are only looking for your reaction.


  5. hey jeneen, am ai ping, your pri sch schoolmate. not sure if you remember me, we met before again at this pet shop I was working at (back then!). Was reading your blog on off before u joined Star Search but never commented cos wasn’t sure if u remember me. Didn’t even know u joined Star Search till I read your blog a few days ago! Saw your performance in the semis(1st time watching!), u looked really good and i thought U had a nice bubbly smile. Very sweet and great answer in the Q&A.One thing though, I thought the eye makeup u had on obscured the prettiness of your eyes, made them look a little puffy. no offence ok? just IMO. You were always the little pretty one, since primary school. Jia you, ok? 🙂


  6. Buck teeth ????Where’s the problem?You look beautiful…. Trust me.. Oh by the way it’s not painful to change a set of teeth. My friend is the best in Singapore (and JB, and some say Batam… ha haha).. As you said concentrate on your inner self.Good luck…. 🙂


  7. Talking about buck teeth, I also have.. Just like u, I’ve contemplated about whether to fix it..but after a while, I grew to like my set of teeth and I guess, it’s one of the unique thing about me.Forget about the teeth, concentrate on what’s more impt to get through the hurdles..Good Luck n U have done well!=)


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