Elimination Round 1…*fight!!*

Counting down….2 more days to my elimination round!! I think I’m quite fully prepared for it by now. Hmm…am I? Haha. I just hope I don’t get hit by the jitter nerves on Tuesday!! 🙂 5 of us girls, F1 – F5 will be put through 3 rounds of ‘tests’, (Round 1 – Imaging and Styling, to see how versatile we are with different looks. Round 2 – Talent Performance..I’ll be playing the piano! Round 3 – Acting) and we will be scored individually after every round. Scary!! And….our placings will be announced after every round too. Geez…. I hope I don’t do too badly. Wish me luck!!

Some outfits that I’ll be wearing on Tuesday…

p.s The show will be set in the 1920s, 30s…if you’re wondering about the outfits. 😀

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