The 1st episode of Star Search is tomorrow!! 😀 Please catch me and the rest live at 8pm on Channel 8. Alternatively, you can log on to – live streaming at 8pm. 🙂 See yaaaaaaa!!!!!! *muakssss*

~time for my ‘beauty sleep’. hee!

7 thoughts on “Finally!!

  1. hi Jeneen , just want to wish u all the best and gd luck on the show. i will be rooting for u , at home though , hehe cheers Raj(Nittan)


  2. missed the show last nite! work late *sigh*. Any replay on weekend channel 8?Anyway, caught a glimpse on the News. 吳惠丽! You go gal!! Jia You ah!! hehehee


  3. hey gal! Just got back from vegas and i managed to catch like 2 seconds of u last nite!! i must go watch u man! jia you jia you jia you!


  4. Hey, my mum camped out at Harvey Norman and pleaded with the salesman to tune into Channel 8 just to watch you live! Heh. (She was waiting to pick me up from a course.)Congrats and jiayou! You’re the most gorgeous contestant! =)=)=)


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