For The Love Of…

An ‘anonymous’ left me this statment ‘someday you will find the fame that you want..’ in my previous post. It’s funny how anonymous’s statment was made seeming like he/she really knew me, when quite obviously he/she doesn’t. Anyways, it inspired me to think about what I really want.

I love to write music, to sing, perform, dance, draw, paint, play the piano…I love self-expression and creativity. When I’m immersed in doing something of such field, I become an insane perfectionist and drive myself till I achieve self-satisfaction. I have come to realise over the years, that I am only such, and can only be such when I have a genuine love and passion for something.

I have tried swaying off course to other completely non-related but more practical, $-making fields….only to find myself bored, completely restless and yes…just bored.

“Love your job and you’ll never have to work a day” – This is what I am looking for. To find something that I’ll be crazily passionate about, that will make me feel ‘alive’ every single waking moment. Maybe what I choose to do may bring fame along the way, I may hate it, I may love it….who knows?

5 thoughts on “For The Love Of…

  1. gal…u will find ur neverland soon. Have faith! and things are turning out good now issnt? 🙂can’t wait to see ya tomoro!!


  2. Hi. I am the Anonymous person that left you that comment. And I am a “he” hah. No hard feelings, it was meant to be well-wishing and its perfectly alright for anyone to follow their dreams and passion and hence, securing a sense of belongings in this dreaded world we live in. Indeed, we only live once. Why not, just go for it! So, take it from me that its meant to be well-wishing and no evil grin. I read your blog out of pure fun and just searching around to read blogs, ain’t a stalking person, and just felt you have the talent (though not really knowing you), but surely and definitely with good strongwill, one can achieve.Well, one day, someday, might know you somewhere and could possibly help to boost your career upwards. Who knows.Cheers and hope you’ll do well 😀Once again, its with good intentions and nothing else. Hah.


  3. haha..alrighty ‘mr’ anonymous. 🙂 i know your good intentions and encouragement from your comment. just that it got me inspired to think…that’s all.. and inspired to write another entry. 🙂


  4. Hah! So, should I leave more comments so that you can get ‘inspired’ to write more blogs? That way, atleast, I can read your blogs more often… instead of seeing same texts and images whenever am visiting your blog. Haha.One more thing to add, and guess you’ve heard this several occasion. You have a lovely outlook that simply never fail to mesmerise. And am happy that you actually did replied my comments. Haha. Am fortunate and am glad that you responded and understood the good intention.Someday, if luck prevails, we shall meet and be officially introduced. Afterall, Singapore is so small. haha ;D


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