I realise, I wish

I realise…that all men are selfish. It’s ‘every man for himself’, and no one will look out for your interests before theirs. Thinking otherwise is only wishful thinking.

I wish…that I am capable enough to handle arrangements for a song…and be able to enjoy the process of bringing out the full potential of my melody.

I realise…I hate waking up at bloody 6am every morning.

I wish…I had 24 hours at my beck and call – to not have to slave 12 hours a day at nothing just for $.

I realise…I dislike feeling pressured by social obligations. No one should make me feel bad, and I come and go as I please…free like a bird.

I wish…not to be bored with myself, with life.

I realise…I tire and exhaust a new experience quickly. Entice and excite me with something, please.

I wish…I wish…that someday, I’ll stop wishing.


3 thoughts on “I realise, I wish

  1. Life is full of surprise and at the same time ups and downs. This is the stage where everybody will go thru. As you move on, you will able to handle such situation well. Hope this helpsCheers


  2. Indeed. Life can be unpredicable and yet interesting at some point. Its how you would accept and embrace all these into you. You can either choose to ignore, or choose to be bothered. Choice is yours to decide. Hence, live with whatever you had decided or come. As it will go by or rather, bye.Keep that smiling face on as you look great when smiling. I am just a passer-by that happen to read your blog. Am fascinated with your charm. Cheers gal.


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