After Holiday Blues Again…

angelia, me, cecilia…on a mission.

I’m back! …and suffering from post holiday blues as usual. Haha. Took a quick 4 day get-away to Bangkok with Angelia and Cecilia and it was tremendous fun!

Angelia booked us a wonderful service apartment – ‘The Somerset, Ascott’ along South Sathorn Road. We had a huge lovely hall, kitchenette and bedroom for us to prance around and throw our shopping bags. We spent many late, very tired and sleepy nights struggling to hold a few conversations whilst lounging on the couch but mostly ended up dozing and tumbling to bed in the end. Hee. All because…. we spend ALL day stomping around Bangkok shopping. Most mornings, we wake up bright and early, have a quick breakfast at the hotel and launch our attack on the shops. As we fill our arms with shopping bags, hunger pangs are ignored… cos’ yeah, shopping is more important right? Haha. We do stop for quick sugar pit-stops for more energy though. ie. dunkin doughnuts *yum*, auntie anne’s pretzels etc. 🙂

As we 3 surveyed our buys on the last night in Bangkok, we were suddenly seized with a slight fear for ‘overweight baggage charge’ that we may have to pay on the flight back. We rang the airline and paid for extension of 5kg each (at half price!) and tried our best to pack our luggages to fit the weight limit, chucking ‘useless’ heavy items like shampoo bottles etc.

At the check-in counter at the airport, we all held our breadths as we loaded our very stuffed luggages on the ‘weighing machine’ and *yipeeeeee*!!! We were 6kilos under our maximum combined weight allowed! To think we were plotting on asking other passengers to share their weight limits with us and practising our ‘damsel-in-distress’ smiles. 😀

After all that stress with getting all the luggages and newly acquired gems safely checked in, we proceeded on to a nice relaxed dinner of junk food at burger king, bade a final farewell to Bangkok and boarded our flight back home.

‘Tata Bangkok…we three musketeers will be back. :)’

p.s I have to add that we are all slightly disappointed that Bangkok doesn’t seem to be the ‘Land of Thousand Smiles’ no more. We met many rude encounters with service staff and the cab drivers were constantly trying to rip us off by trying their luck to charge us triple the meter fare. 😦 Word of advise: Do remember to ask the cab drivers if they are willing to on their meters before hopping in!

a quick pretzel snack!

shopping bags galore!

angelia’s really tired…

for more photos: click here!

6 thoughts on “After Holiday Blues Again…

  1. hahaha yes candy, you got it right. ;D but…it may be a close tie between the both of us. min, you have to get to bangkok soon! quite a shopping haven. 🙂


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