Love-ly Popiahs

My grandparents recalled us to their place for a dose of their homemade popiah today. I zoomed over with eager anticipation of a gastronomique delight. Definitely a huge delight it was! As we laughed at each other’s ‘exploding’ popiahs – bursting at its skins, choked full of ingredients crafted from love, I couldn’t help but have a sinking feeling (as I look upon them ageing before my eyes) that there will come a day when I won’t be getting anymore popiah recalls. I savoured every last bit and did a silent prayer that I’ll be having these popiahs for many, ga-zillion more years.

my cute grandparents!…

4 thoughts on “Love-ly Popiahs

  1. I also have the feelings as yrs whenever I see my grandma. Thats why must 珍惜眼前人now… =)Hope our grandparents stay healthy and strong for good more years to come!-fionna


  2. 😦 I read your blog entry and felt a tear sting my eyes. I know EXACTLY what you mean. I feel the same when I visit them too.DANG! I missed the popiah recall!!Those are v cute pictures, btw!


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