…a part of me

I looked through some of my past works sitting on my easel this evening. It has been a really long time since I’ve worked on something – painting, drawing or photography… I miss that part of myself, where I used to be a lot more creative.

Here are some of my works:-

A piece done using colour pencils.

A piece done with markers. (marker rendering technique)

Photography: Elizabeth’s Pet Dog

Photography: Elizabeth’s Pet Cat

4 thoughts on “…a part of me

  1. I vividly remember your Tiger piece and how much work went into it. It’s really beautiful. It’s a pity you did not venture further in the artistic area…


  2. The picture of the Tiger is good. Looks very beautiful. Inital, I thought you took a picture but I was wrong. You have the talent in that field. Do make full use of it. Cheers


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