I just did a quiz:

:: What type of procrastinator are you?

Result of Quiz ::
You scored as Overdoer.

“Your procrastination type is the overdoer, who agrees to more than he or she can handle. Overdoers are hard-workers and get some things done, but cannot succeed at everything. They can be hard to detect as being procrastinators, because they are always so busy doing something. They have difficulty declining people’s requests but feel resentful when the time comes to do them.”

Now I know my life’s stumbling rock… I’m going to say ‘no’ to everything today forth!

-would you please pass me the salt?
-me: ‘no’

-would you like to have dinner with me?
-me: ‘no’

-would you like to go shopping?
-me: ‘no’

would you like to catch a movie?

-could you please do me a favour?

yayeee! I’ll now have ALL the time in the world and nothing to do!

..and probably lead a really sad existence along with that…

to hell with quizzes! 😀

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