‘Kiasu-ism’ gets you nowhere…

…at least it got ME nowhere. *sigh* To all who don’t know, yours truly here embarked on a new career a month and a half ago. Diving head-in with gusto into the financial world, I have been smacked and tossed around during this rather painful training process.

Back to my opening title….to explain, my job for now is to listen out to firm figures shouted out about half a mile away and feed them to mr W. I have to filter out the unnecessary and only listen out to sweet ms R. However, I just committed the biggest (you’ll burn in hell and compensate millions of dollars) mistake by feeding mr W. a certain figure that is not firm. (yes, I was being extremely kiasu and ge-kiang by not confirming if these figures were firm before i fed them to him. I jumped the gun and my fingers, like demon possessed, typed away furiously and slightly too quickly.)By a twist of evil fate, mr W. bit on my feed and offered to pay towards my figures. As I hollered mr W’s offer, a deathly silence hit the office until someone timidly whispered ‘ this figure is not firm’. As I felt my heart sink to my feet and into oblivion, the rest scramble to make this un-firm figure firm.

Till this moment, we have yet to make this un-firm figure firm. I need divine intervention. Somebody help?!

p.s thank you so much mr W. you have been most patient and sweet! you’re definitely appreciated.

5 thoughts on “‘Kiasu-ism’ gets you nowhere…

  1. Hi Jeneen … i shan say who i am but listen carefully next time and dun be gan chiong hehe.. keep up the good work dun worry if someone hits ur offer when you dun have or not firm jus pay out there in the mkt. Same the other way round. Let ur desk know as well. You are doing well keep it up ! Cheers!


  2. hey J*neen,First of all, welcome you to the financial world! Numbers are fun loving but at times it can crack your brain so hard that you will never understand whether those nos. are for real or not. You just have to be extra careful with the words in future. Imagine you need to calculate those nos? Haha.. thats what I am doing for past 2 mths and still the issue remained unresolved. I guess you should be in some financial broker firms? Seize the DAY!!!!-bensheares


  3. bensheares: thanks for the warm welcome! 🙂 Numbers and J’neen don’t go very well together for now, hopefully they’ll be best friends soon.. Calculating those nos. i’m assuming accountancy? good luck! may you find the formula to unravel their deep dark secret soon!


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