Jack is Kai is Jack is Kai

Perhaps my heart is ruling the better of me…but sans their fur colour, don’t you all think Kai resembles Jack? The kindly eyes, the markings on their coat, their mannerisms (opps i forgot you guys can’t tell from a photo).



Ok, brief history:

I had Jack when i was still a little babe running around in little pigtails. He was my childhood playmate when my older sis deemed me too pesky to be around with. I shared with him my prized tea time snacks of super rings and twisties and he listened when no one else could understand why I really really wanted another barbie doll. He really understood. He gave me hugs by ‘pouncing’ on my little shoulders and we had races each day during our daily walks. As both of us grew I got caught up with everyday life and forgot that a doggie’s life span is much shorter than a human’s. Our daily talks and walks lessened but he was always there when I needed him…

Until one day, his energy was suddenly zapped away by the cancer monster. (I never even knew cancer existed in the animal world!) I tried desperately to feed him the chips and twisties he once so loved. As he lay on the floor, speaking to me through his eyes that he can’t fight anymore, hot tears spilled down my cheeks. As I regretted the times I didn’t spend with him because of something else seemingly more exciting, we made the decision to put him to sleep and end his pain. I never had the chance to make up for long walks or long chats. Till now, I wish I had…

Until Kai! Each time i look into Kai’s eyes, I see Jack. I never quite believed in re-incarnation till now. Perhaps, I’ll do better this time…

4 thoughts on “Jack is Kai is Jack is Kai

  1. No wonder Kai is so happy to see you everytime = ) and remember you said he looked cute in that blurry photo and that’s why i got him.. so i think you chose him 😉 i also know when i get mad at him you felt sad too… but you know i love him too 😉


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