I used to be…

I used to live out of a luggage – having to plan my wardrobe for the next entire week
and making sure I had enough toiletries to last through my trip… Dragging my high-heeled feet with luggages in tow to the airports at ungodly hours and constantly musturing strength to plant a forced, yet genuine looking smile on my ‘perfectly’ made up face.

Gone are those days as I threw in the towel a month ago…my last day having been 29th september. I remember heaving a huge sigh of relief as I replanted my feet (firmly this time) back on Singapore ground and bid ‘good riddance’ to my uniform, manicured pink nails, coiffed hair, fake smile and japanese…yes..my smattering japanese. I still chuckle to myself thinking back on how I had to struggle! ‘kohii, ocha, watashii??!!’

Of course, there are and will be many things to miss. Shopping all over the world, the art museums in New York, beautiful weather in San francisco, the buzz of Japan, clubbing in LA with emily…(yes Emily, you are dearly missed! :()

BUT I reckon that I would much rather slave my pretty ar*e at home (singapore), save my pennies and jet-set myself all over the world. I am sure this time, I would take in the sights and sounds of my travel destinations with a lot more gusto! 🙂

‘cinderella’ me slaving in my apron get-up

cheshire grinning me.

me and emily-my reason in LA. miss ya lots!

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