Style Mondays 012

How to Reduce Facial Bloating

I’m not sure how many of you girls out there are prone to water retention on the face like me, but if you tend to have the same problem, I have some tips that I use on myself to share. 🙂
1. Drink lots of water at one go first thing when you wake up. I usually do about 2 big glasses. I notice that my water retention reduces with the increase in frequency of my toilet trips.
2. Drink coffee after drinking all that water. Coffee dehydrates.
3. Whilst washing your face and applying your morning creams on your face, massage from chin upwards to your cheek bones.
4. Stretch your facial muscles. (This can look really ugly so do it in private!) Open your mouth, eyes and stretch your forehead to their widest, and squeeze them all really tight after. Repeat many times.
5. Most importantly, try not to drink any fluids at least 2 hours or more if possible before bedtime!
I do this whole regime especially on mornings where I have shoots or if I’m going on a big date. 😉 Try it too and let me know if it works!
Have a fabulous week everyone!!