Outfit details:
Dress: Wardrobe Theory Sugar & Spice Fit & Flare Dress
Heels: Jeffrey Campbell (old)

Wardrobe Theory‘s very first full-label collection, ‘Taking Flight Pre-Fall ’15’ has finally launched on the site. This is the very first time that I’ve put out an entire collection of my own designs, and seeing every single piece of my work on the website is really exciting and gratifying. This collection captures the exhilaration of one embarking on an adventure. It’s the feeling of lifting off and soaring into the air, as one begins their maiden journey; filled with hope and promise of their aspirations.

I resonate with this collection a lot on a personal level. As an entrepreneur and creative designer at Wardrobe Theory, taking the business to the next level of being our own brand is very thrilling for me. I’ve been prepping this move to becoming a brand with my team for a long time, so this literally feels like the moment where I’m lifting off and ‘taking flight’. 
Looking back, I definitely did not expect to be where I am now and doing what I’m doing today. My career journey has been super colourful and I’ve worked at so many different full time and part time jobs in Singapore. I’ve been in the airline, finance, media, fashion and beauty industry – saying all that is already a mouthful! And, although I’ve always lived and breathed fashion, I think that every job that I’ve been in has shaped me to be who I am, and led me to where I am today. I’m so thankful for all the opportunities that I’ve had in every industry and all the takeaways and learning that I’ve brought with me from the different jobs.  
I still remember how I naturally gravitated towards the fashion industry when I was still in school and looking for part time jobs for students during school holidays. I worked at Topshop and Louis Vuitton and had such a blast. It was totally stress-free. Working then was purely for fun. I remember clearly serving a super nice customer at Louis Vuitton once and she left me a really huge, fat tip. Up till today, I’m still surprised that anyone tips so generously. 
One of my most memorable jobs was my very first full time job as a flight attendant with Japan Airlines. Being a flight attendant taught me so much. It opened my eyes to the world, to different cultures, people and it taught me independence and to take care of myself. I think that this is a great first job for anyone, and I always recommend it to those fresh out of school when they ask me for career advice. 
Another career advice that I would offer is to follow your passion and dreams, but to remember that you’ve got to pay the bills too. Haha! Unfortunately, the world is such that the bills never stop coming! Think of career longevity when you’re embarking on your career path and try and envision where you’d like to be 10-20 years down the road. Then, focus and work towards your end goal. When I think back on my career path, as much as I’ve enjoyed being in so many different industries and challenging myself in so many ways, I do look back and wish that I had just a bit more focus in my career choices. 
Here’s a super old picture of me as a flight attendant with Japan Airlines. Don’t judge my chubby cheeks and arched eyebrows! 
To end this post, I would like to do a shout-out for, a jobs portal project with a strong social purpose to help youths, tertiary students and young working adults achieve their career aspirations. It’s non-profit, and is currently funded by well wishes. If you’re a student looking for a holiday gig, check out and search ‘part time jobs singapore‘! 

The Rocks, Sydney

I did not expect to return to Sydney so soon after my 2 day escapade in the beautiful city last year. What brought me over this time was the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, with an opportunity to go backstage for the Michael Lo Sordo show – how could I say no. I flew in a couple of days earlier before the show to enjoy the city. It was also really a chance for me to take a short break and to gain fresh perspectives and inspiration to fuel my role as Creative Director at Wardrobe Theory. 
For those of you are wondering why Wardrobe Theory has been so quiet on the new arrivals front, we’ve been really busy designing and prepping for full collections of ‘Wardrobe Theory Originals’. Yes, we’re moving towards becoming a full-fledged label and I can’t tell you how excited I am! I’ve designed every single piece in the upcoming collections and this whole process is taking longer than it should as I’m super fussy about quality and cuts. I’m making sure that everything is perfect before we are ready to present the collections to you. For a ‘lil sneak peek, I’m wearing a pair of high-waisted tailored shorts from one of the coming collections in this series of pictures. 🙂
These pictures were taken at The Rocks – one of my favourite places to visit in Sydney. You can access the Sydney Harbour Bridge from here, head to the Museum of Contemporary Art, or walk around and enjoy the beautiful and quaint architecture of the buildings around this area. Definitely lots of photo op moments! The cafe on the top floor of the Museum of Contemporary Art is a must-visit when you’re here. The view of the Harbour Bridge and Sydney Opera House is beyond amazing.
Outfit details:
Shirt: Zara
Bag: Chanel

Hello, happy feet!

My job as Chief Theorist of Wardrobe Theory and Influencer at Gushcloud requires me to be in heels a lot. I wear heels almost everyday at photoshoots, events…and because I like the height elevation  and the illusion of longer legs that heels provide, I wear heels even on off duty days. They complete an outfit!

As a girl, we all know how lovely heels can be, and the downside from wearing them for extended hours – oh, that cramp and numbness that starts from the feet and shoots up your calves! 

The heels that I wear for photoshoots – for vanity and for the sake of getting nice pictures – are usually even more uncomfortable and not quite made for walking. Needless to say, I always kick off my heels (with much relief) and collapse into a chair everytime after when I’m done. 
My best respite and cure for my tortured feet at the end of the day: the OSIM uSqueez Air. 
These massage boots are a life saver. I literally feel all the pain and numbness from being in heels all day melt away whenever it starts working its magic. The most amazing part of all: it not only gives your feet a good rub, its wrap-around feature also works on your calves. Absolutely heavenly! It combines a strong, yet soothing massage with powerful airbags that squeeze your tired leg muscles into total relaxation, and the foot reflexology rollers kneads all the stress, tension and knots away. Bliss.
There are five auto lifestyle programs to select for these massage boots – Reflexology, Energise, High- Heels, Relax and Sleep with two intensity choices of High and Low. I actually like all five different programs and I alternate between them. If I really had to choose, I’ll go for High-Heels (for obvious reasons!) and Sleep. On most days, I’ll go for both settings at a go; one after the other and my feet will feel like they’re walking on a fluff of clouds after. These 2 settings, as the names suggest are best done before bed. I promise you’ll sleep like a baby!
On occasions when I’m feeling particularly tired, I’ll opt for Reflexology and it’s a great perk me up. This program improves body circulation and promotes positive energy flow. I guess that’s why I feel a lot more energised after one sitting on this program. I hear that Reflexology also improves one’s immune system! 
What I really like about the uSqueez Air is how lightweight and mobile it is. It’s super easy to move around, even for someone like me who usually has trouble lifting heavy things. And yes, I use it on my bed too! It’s such a bonus to be able to lie back comfortably in bed and have your legs massaged.
Sometimes when I’m working, I set it on low intensity and leave my legs in the boots for an extended period. The massage is so gentle and soothing…I’d like to think it helps me think better! Haha. 
I’ve always been a huge advocate for massages, especially massages for the feet. Besides the instant gratification you get from how good it feels and the relief from any pain or tension, it generally improves overall health and well-being. I find that foot massages even cure the aches that I suffer from quite often in my shoulder and neck – you know what they say about all parts of your body being connected down to the soles of your feet. 

Already quite a regular at foot massage parlours before the uSqueez Air, I’m ecstatic that I now get to have foot massages in the comfort of my own home. So completely addicted to this massage boots, my legs have never felt more pampered or happy! 

For more information on the OSIM uSqueez Air:

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A slightly different look.

Looking through my archive of pictures and found this set that I’ve not shared. These pictures were taken by my gorgeous friend, Xuann who also did my hair and makeup. We couldn’t stop giggling over how girly and sweet I looked. This is definitely not my usual style, but it was fun playing dress up and looking different from how I normally do. Xuann and I are meeting again this Thursday to do more pictures. I’ve been craving to do something creative…so this might just be my outlet. Can’t wait! 
Hope you’re all having a great start to the week.
Outfit Details:
Clutch: MCM
Heels: Zara
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