Domo & Me

Here’s Domo waiting patiently on my bed for me to get ready to go meet the girlies one day. He’s looking forward to his car ride.
Ta-da! I’m ready.
Here’s us. He loves snuggling up on my lap in the car. I try and make him sit on his own sometimes so he doesn’t rumple up my clothes so, but he’ll always manage to squeeze his butt back on my lap. πŸ™‚ The loves!…this boy never fails to warm my heart, and I actually do walk around after with very crumpled clothes…
but with a smile secretly plastered on my face.


Halloween was awesome fun this year. My girlfriend Brenda, also a halloween baby like Domo threw a huge birthday/halloween bash at Azzura, Sentosa. This year, I decided to be a kitty cat…Meowww!!

It was one of those rare opportunities where Domo could hang out and party with me. He was a happy boy! Singapore is way too dog unfriendly!!

Identity crisis. I tried to turn him into a cat! Haha.

Chilling out with the birthday girl before the massive party started. I’ve known this babe for a long long time and she’s one of my sweetest girlfriends! πŸ™‚

Domo was bumblebee for the night! Pity I couldn’t get a good shot of his costume.

The “Little Red Indian” birthday girlie.

And this, is the “chinese ghost who lives in the umbrella.” Can’t quite see her umbrella here though.

And we had police woman, dracula, french maid and life guard.

And the mask man, devil…
…another devil, space woman and a Japanese being himself.
*Rawhhh* I hope you all had an equally awesome spooky Halloween.


Domo turned 2!

Domo turned 2 yesterday. Look how he has grown! I’ve only had him for close to a year, but I can’t imagine life without him now. He’s such a joy to have and has also brought many smiles to everyone else in the family. I love how he lies and stays close to me at night when we sleep, how he licks my face excitedly in the morning and showers me with “kisses” and follows me everywhere I go. I cross my fingers and toes that this “manja” boy have many many more healthy years to go!
Domo with his “grandma” who loves, pampers him to bits and showers him with tons of good food and snacks (this explains his size!). To think she objected me having dogs in the past!…She secretly vies with me for his attention now. Haha.
And that’s my boy. πŸ™‚