Food Romp at Joo Chiat

The boy and I had tickets to go watch a play put up by the graduating theatre students from Lasalle. Before the show, we stopped by Joo Chiat to say hi to his best friend, and to have dinner – the famous ‘Fei Fei’ wanton noodles, rojak and dumplings from ‘Kim Choo’. Needless to say, it was uber delicious.

The boy’s friend is an amazing tattoo artist. His works and drawings never fails to amaze me. Look at the ‘hatred’ painting on the wall. Wow.

Colourful tattoo ink. I’ve always wanted to get one (tattoo), but never did cos’ I don’t know what to have! I remember that my sis wanted to ‘give’ me one for my 18th birthday. Haha. I wonder what I would have had if I had gone for it.

They had a really beautiful array of orchid flowers outside their house. These white ones are so pretty.

These dumplings from Kim Choo are absolutely delish! Especially love the nyonya ones.
Wanton noodles from Fei Fei before they’re tossed.

…and tossed. Mmmmm…..

Rojak from the same place. Blogging about these dishes is making me hungry!!

These shophouses were opposite where we ate. So beautiful and elegant. I’ve always wanted to live in a shophouse.
Maybe someday I will.

(Pink Flare dress//Vintage Chanel bag//YSL and vintage rings//Marc by MJ and Tiffany bracelets//Rolex watch)

And finally, the play. “Big Love” – directed by the boy’s friend, Adam Marple and written by Charles L.Mee. It was about 50 brides who fled to a manor in Italy to avoid marrying their fifty cousins. Funny and touching at the same time. Great story. I thoroughly enjoyed it.