Pink Flare – World Cup Series iPhone Covers

Join in the World Cup fever and support your favourite team by dressing up your iPhone with one of these!

And with this promotion of the week (May 24 – 31) :

“Buy a World Cup Series iPhone cover + any other design for $29.00 only!”

It’s definitely hard to resist. 😉

Only available at:

Say it Altogether Now, "PINK FLARE!"

The best thing about having my blogshop selling iPhone covers is that I’ll never have to put up with boring stiffy covers, Ever. Plus, I get to change covers ever so often. I went from:


I just collected stocks for this “punk skull” design today, and I had to use it immediately. I love it! Those who know me know my huge weaknesses for pretty skull designs…and of course, blings. I have a compact mirror that I got from Japan with the almost exact same design. 🙂 If you like this design as much as I do, you know where to get it. 😉