Hello, new home.

Today marks another milestone in my life. Jon and I collected our house keys to our very first home and it makes us/me the proud owner of a house. Wow. The thought of owning a home has never quite crossed my mind much in the past, but now it has happened. Another step into adulthood, another new (big) responsibility. It’s kinda scary, but very exciting at the same time. Our new place is teeny tiny, but I can’t wait to start decorating to make our home truly ours. 🙂 
We went window shopping for electronics after at Paris Silk and then I saw this on display in the shop.
 – the Phillips InfraCare. This pain relief lamp reminded me of my grandparents (who have since passed on) so much that I was hit by a huge wave of sadness and longing right there and then in the store. 
A couple of years ago, my grandfather saw an ad for this product in the newspapers and decided to get it for my grandmother, who was suffering from constant aches and pains. He, at 80 something years of age took the bus all the way to the store – I can’t remember which store he went now, except that it was really far – got it and carried it all the way back home for my grandmother. My grandparents weren’t the sort of lovey dovey romantic couples, so I was really touched when he told me matter of factly that he went out to get it to ease my grandmother’s aches. 
It’s been over two years since they’ve left us and although I don’t think about them as much anymore, moments like these when I’m reminded so much of them really makes me wish that they were still around. It would have been nice to have them at my wedding at that end of the year. 
Oh well. 

Purple Spaces

I’ve liked furniture and interior design since my days as an art student. I used to go to the furniture stores like ‘Space’ just to look at their beautiful furnishings and make mental notes to get them when I have a house in the future. Well, that time has finally come for me (kinda). I have a house coming in about 3 years (and besides the monthly mortgage which is a real bummer), I’m really excited for it to come!! You should guess by now that I’m seriously obsessing over interior and am on a sharp lookout for beautiful spaces. I don’t see my favourite colour (purple) used in interior on a large scale much, so I was totally blown away by these images I saw online. What beautiful use of purple! Definitely taking notes, I surely hope to use them in my home when it comes! 🙂