The Salon Vim Experience

My opinion of what sets businesses apart and differentiates them from their competitors is the customer experience. A great customer experience to me, is when the business or service provider is genuinely interested in their craft, and show that they truly care about how you, as a customer on the receiving end feels. It’s not often that I experience great customer experience. Hence, I sing all praises for Salon Vim, the salon I visit for my monthly hair fix. My recent trip there left me feeling like I’ve been completely cared for and thoroughly pampered. 
During my visit, I told my stylist, Jaime about my ‘natural curl’ woes and after discussion, she decided that re-bonding my hair was the way to go for it to be fuss-free and manageable daily. I was apprehensive at the start as I am no fan of the poker straight, flat iron look. She assured me that we’re not going for the ironed-out-look and that she’ll be re-bonding only parts of my hair and will be applying various techniques so that my hair will look natural and retain its bouncy shape. She then assessed my hair and told me that my hair was terribly dry. So, to prep the re-bonding process, she had to start with a treatment first with the cream below so that my hair strands will not split in the process. It was just the start of my long hair fixing process and already I was silently giving her major brownie points. She could have easily left my hair to fry and frizz! 
During the entire re-bonding process, she patiently supervised the technicians working on my hair and pointed out to them parts that needed re-bonding. She was working by observing my natural curls and was fixing parts that needed to be fixed. Again, she could have easily re-bonded my entire head of hair without much thought. At one point of the re-bonding process, she was also telling the guys to spray water on parts of my hair that were ‘drying up’…how very conscientious!
See how many people were working on my hair?!
After the entire re-bonding process was done, I was super satisfied and was very happy to sit out till my next monthly appointment. Jaime however exclaimed that she was not satisfied with my hair and that she ‘couldn’t stand it’ looking like that – my coloured hair was growing out, my roots were a strong contrast of black and the light colour made my hair look dry, she said. She firmly told me to come back to the salon 2 days later for a re-colouring and treatment session. If you’re thinking in your head, ‘Of course they’ll want you to go back. They’re making your money!’ Well, you’re dead wrong. If you don’t know already, my monthly hair pampering sessions at Salon Vim are sponsored.
This is why I was so in awe. They really didn’t need to have me go back for more colouring and treatments. It was obvious that throughout my visit at Salon Vim, Jaime only had one goal in mind – to fix my hair, and for me to have healthy, glowing locks. And with that, I left Salon Vim feeling like I’ve had such a great customer experience. 
My hair after the 2nd visit for colouring and treatment.
I was sent home with a keratin shampoo at my 1st visit, and this Redken hair mask on my 2nd. I was to replace my hair conditioner and use this mask daily to repair and replenish moisture in the strands.
With Jaime.
Me, with a very pampered and well looked after head of hair.

My first visit to Salon Vim at Bugis

I went for a long overdue Keratin Treatment at Salon Vim a couple of evenings ago. Due to my frizzy hair texture and unruly natural curls at the oddest of places, there aren’t many treatments or procedures that work for me except Keratin Treatment or hair rebonding. I don’t like the flat iron look result that comes from rebonding, so Keratin has always been my preferred choice. 
It was my first time visiting Salon Vim at Bugis. I settled in at my seat and I was brought a drink and biscuit snack. How thoughtful is the added snack detail!
I met my stylist, Jamie for the first time and after she explained the Keratin Treatment procedure to me, I got my hair washed.  This is me at the sink. A really dark picture cos’ the sink area is really dark. Perfect for relaxing. The head massage I got  during the wash was 
h e a v e n l y….
Yikes, check out my unruly hair pre-treatment, after wash.
Salon Vim has specially brought in this Keratin Treatment from London. It produces less fumes during the steaming and hot iron process so it’s less uncomfortable and toxic. I did not experience any discomfort during the whole process. 
My hair after Keratin Treatment. I love how smooth and straight my hair is!
Here’s a front view. Love that it still is fluffy. I’m not a fan of limp and straight flat out hair.
The best part? I can wash my hair straight after the next day! I used to be given strict orders to not wash my hair for 4-5 days after a Keratin Treatment. That was super painful.
I took home the smooth lock series from Redken. I’m especially lovin’ the leave-in conditioner. Keeps my hair behaving really well all day.
Great news! Salon Vim has extended their GSS promotion till 15th August. 
Call 6837 0073 for your appointment on all the above or for the Keratin Treatment I had done.