It’s been about 2 months since I’ve made the switch to the Samsung GALAXY S5 LTE and I’m happy to report and update that there’s absolute no turning back. It’s got so many wonderful features that fit right into my lifestyle; from taking pictures using the high speed camera, ultra power saving mode (I’ve raved about this in my previous post and I say it again. This feature is a lifesaver! I no longer have stressful phone- battery-about-to-die situations when I’m out.), fingerprint security and so many more.
Here’s me registering my fingerprint for the function. I swiped my finger 8 times for accuracy and security. 
The fingerprint security is a super cool and convenient feature that allows you to unlock your phone with a swipe of a finger and get this: shop online and make payment via Paypal, all with one finger swipe! Someone get this phone away from my hands before I spend all my money! Haha.

Have you always wished that you could hide certain files on your phone so that nobody except you can see? The Private Mode does just that. You can separately save files including photos, videos, music, voice recordings and more in a separate folder that can only be accessed with a password.

The private mode can be switched on or off with a simple toggle. I can now lend my phone to anyone without worry of anyone accessing my private information. I do always save passwords and my everything in my phone to help my goldfish memory! 

Another favourite feature of mine is the S Health, a personal fitness tracker that allows me to monitor, manage and even challenge my workout routines. 
This is the main dashboard of S Health. 

Pedometer is the perfect feature for me to feel less guilty when I don’t make time to workout. It tracks my daily steps count, distance walked and calories burned. So even when I’m not fully working out, I look at the calories burned from my walking around daily and feel better about myself! 

The exercise mode tracks my runs and keeps track of my run duration, distance, speed, pace, calories and even elevation, calories burnt and heart rate. I love that it allows me to set goals based on time and calories to help me push myself just that little bit harder on my runs.
Did you know that the Samsung GALAXY S5 LTE is also the first smartphone in the world that allows you to measure your heart rate?

I’ve learnt that for an effective workout, you need to up your heart rate so that you burn more calories. Sometimes, it’s not how far and how long you’ve run, but your heart rate that makes all that difference. I measure my heart rate on my phone before I start a workout and track it in between and adjust the remainder of my workout time according to my heart rate. If my heart is not beating at optimal level, I’ll alter my steady jogging and combine slow jogging with quick bursts of running to push my heart rate up. 

And this is my total calorie intake for today. This calorie tracker really helps me keep a conscious effort of what I’m putting into my body and gives me a good check and balance against the total number of calories that I need in a day. Most times, I try not to cheat my calorie counter and input as accurately as I can. The huge jump in calorie intake after a huge meal can get really scary sometimes! Haha.

Sometimes, I find it hard to keep checking back on my phone when I’m going for long runs on the road. The Samsung Gear Fit comes in super handy as it’s perfectly synced to my phone and the S Health function. It measures my heart rate, and does everything the S Health does on the phone.
The most convenient feature for me is the Media Controller. It allows me to control the music playing from my phone and lets me skip tracks, pause a song, etc. Plus, the Gear Fit notifies me of incoming calls, texts and emails so I don’t miss out on anything important. 
Another of my favourite functions on the Gear Fit is the sleep tracker. It monitors my sleep by keeping a log of how long I’ve slept and how long I was motionless for. I’ve always been curious of my sleep patterns! 
Did I also mention that the Gear Fit is super lightweight and comfortable to wear? The watch face curves nicely to fit the curvature of your wrist so it sits comfortably on your arm. 
If you’re bored of your current brand phone like I was and is looking to switch, I’d definitely recommend the Samsung GALAXY S5 LTE. If you’re worried about transferring data from phone to phone, the Samsung Smart Switch app takes care of everything and allows you to seamlessly transfer all your contacts, photos, music, messages, notes, calendar and everything else from your old phone to the S5. It’s super easy! The Samsung Smart Switch feature allows easy transfer of your personal data from iCloud or via PC to your new GALAXY device and even if you are currently a non-Samsung user.
Plus, the transfer is also a breeze with the Accelerated Network Download Booster. Get this: the phone taps on both 4G LTE and Wi-Fi concurrently so download speed is super fast. Download speed is 3x faster than just using 4G LTE or Wi-Fi alone. It’s super awesome especially when I’m streaming videos on YouTube! But it only works if files are more than 30MB. 
Have I also mentioned about GALAXY Life and GALAXY Gifts? As if this phone is not power-packed and bloated enough with extra apps, GALAXY Life and GALAXY Gifts offer oodles of exclusive privileges, free downloads and subscriptions.
To explain, GALAXY Life is this awesome app with exclusive personalized lifestyle content, rewards and privileges. I just spotted this privilege that I am totally going to redeem. Oooh!

A selection of deals and privileges such as this above matched to my interest is offered to me every week and redemption is super simple. I just need to show my phone to the merchant!
GALAXY Gifts is the app store on the S5 LTE. There is over US$500 worth of free content and services. A few of my favourite apps that I’ve downloaded and am hooked are NYTimes – Breaking News (free!!), Dropbox that I use daily for work – it comes with free 50GB storage for 2 years – and Evernote. Now all my notes are synced across all my devices…how I love technology!
If you can’t wait to enjoy all these benefits, I have good news to share!
Samsung is having a promotion:
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       Free 24” Samsung HD LED TV worth $259
 Purchase GALAXY S5 LTE in 16GB with contract:

       Free Samsung Gear Fit worth $268
Don’t forget to head over to Samsung Experience Stores to check them out! 🙂

[Thank you Samsung Asia for giving me this  Samsung GALAXY S5 LTE!]