Pay your monthly bills online…Finally!!

For the longest time, I’ve always wished I could pay all my monthly bills online and always wondered why nobody came up with this such an online facility when i-banking is available. I’m really bad with bill payment due dates and always only remember at the last minute that I’ve got a bill due on the day when it’s close to midnight – too late for me to head to any AXS machines outside. Having slapped with late bill payments one too many times, I’m so happy that I can finally pay my bill online!! 
My many bills to pay every month ranging from phone bills, credit cards to electricity bills.
F I N A L L Y! AXS recently introduced the e-Station and m-Station. We can now pay our bills online (e-Station) or on our phones through the m-Station app. I just paid my electricity bill a couple of days ago via e-Station, and it was such a breeze to use. No hiccups, no troublesome procedures…it was literally enter your bill account number, and pay with the i-banking pin. Absolutely painless, so so convenient and easy. Major happiness!
This is how you make payment on the e-Station. 3 easy steps:
1. Select Payment Category on the left panel, follow with the Billing Organization.
2. Key in bill account information and amount. You can add up to 20 bills/fines in a single transaction.
3. Confirm to make the payment. Make payment via eNETS. (available for internet banking users of DBS/POSB, OCBC, UOB and Citibank.
Here’s the link to e-Station to start making your payments:
My preferred of the two, here’s an introduction of the m-Station.
The following features are available on the m-Station:
– Bills and Fines payments
– Passcode Creation/Change/Removal
– Email Address Creation/Change/Removal
Here’s how the app icon looks. You can download it on your mobile or tablet. 
Once again, it’s very easy to make payments through the app. Just follow the on-screen instructions!
1. There are 2 ways to make payment: Through ‘Pay Bills’, or ‘My Payments>My Favourites’. 
Bill information is automatically added to ‘My Favourites’ upon first successful payment. 
2. Select the category and follow with billing organization.
3. Enter/Retrieve your bill account information and enter payment amount. Select ‘Add Bills’ at the bottom panel or ‘Confirm’ at the top panel to continue when you’ve completed adding all your bills. You can pay up to 5 bills in a transaction. 
4. Select ‘Pay Now’ at the top panel to proceed with payment.
5. Enter i-banking pin and select ‘OK’ to proceed….and you’re done! 
If you’ll like to receive an e-Receipt of your successful transaction, enter your email address in the field provided and it will be sent to you.
A super convenient (and my favourite!) feature, you can create a passcode to securely save your bills details and payment records in your personal device so you don’t have to re-enter them everytime you want to pay a bill. Once created, the passcode is required to access the bills information. Likewise, if you choose to remove the passcode, all the saved bills and payment records are removed from your device. 
Select this icon.

Toggle passcode function to ‘ON’.

Enter your passcode.

Or, toggle passcode function to ‘OFF’ when you decide not to have this save bill details feature. 
I save so much time and hassle every month now that I don’t have to physically go to an AXS machine to make payment. The e-Station and m-Station is so super convenient, I can’t imagine anyone not wanting to use it. Go download the app on your phone or tablet now!!