The boy got us tickets to watch Cranberries live on Monday. It was quite a surprise that they’re back again considering I last watched them in August last year (I think?). I’m sure you know that most bands don’t stop by Singapore that often. Anyhow, it was great and I love listening to live gigs. So does the boy, so I like to think that we have some sort of a music bond there. I actually get most of his music stuff, except the part about the metal. That part of music I really can’t understand. All that growling and shouting. Haha. 
The stage backdrop was really simple and pretty. The use of lights and backdrop colours mixed reminded me of watercolour paintings and I tried desperately to get a good shot of it, but my iPhone camera definitely didn’t do it justice.

I started doing gellish nails recently and have been really excited about getting new crazy designs. This month, I went for polka and black Hello Kitty nails. Catching glimpses of my nails throughout the day actually make me smile now. The boy totally doesn’t understand my new obsession and just thinks I’m paying too much for something so temporary. Pfft…boys. What do they know!
Outfit of the day was this leopard print collar playsuit from Pink Flare matched with red lips and everything else in the above pictures. Red lips make me feel sexy so! 
Thinking that Toto, the dog would love my red lips as much as I do, i tried to take a picture with him. Evidently, the red lips did nothing for him as you can tell from his disinterested and squirmy demeanuor in the pictures.
 He did much better on his own and these are a couple of his ‘handsome’ shots. Do excuse his sleepy face. It was possibly 3am in the morning and all he wanted to do was…
s l e e p.

On a complete random note, I am digging this oversized boyfriend tee and jeans casual look below. Isn’t it a great look for travel and flights?
Plus, the shirt dresses I mentioned in my earlier post are now out on Pink Flare. Take your pick from gorgeous macaroon hues Here