Style Mondays 011

The make-up artiste that used the Clinique mascara (in previous Style Mondays post) also used this BB cream by Hanskin on me. I’ve previously tried another range of Hanskin’s BB cream about two years ago and I wasn’t too impressed by their product. I thought the texture too thick and the colour oxidised on my skin after a couple of hours.
But, I changed my mind about Hanskin’s BB cream after he used this “Caviar Gold” range on my face! The texture felt light and I think because it was almost “colourless”, it did not oxidise and send my face turning orange by mid day. And, my face was less oily and shiny. Most importantly, it didn’t clog my pores and give me those little white or blackheads I almost always had at the end of a long shoot day because of the constant powder touch-ups. This BB cream is going to be my must-have for now!
P.S For those who don’t need much coverage for the skin, I think that this BB cream is a great substitute for foundation. Plus, I’ve long heard of its goodness for sensitive skin and how it heals, smoothens and brightens. 🙂