Head In The Clouds

Spent yesterday trawling the malls, getting bored, heading to a guitar showroom where the boy played and sang some tunes, and ended up at ‘Hood’ the pub where the boy sang even more tunes, impromptu. The guitar showroom was really cosy and nice. I’ve always wished for Pink Flare to have a store like that – away from the bustling malls, in a quaint setting where everything is calm, pretty and cosy. Of course, my dream store does not make any business sense in the retail world so all I can do is keep my head in the clouds, and continue dreaming. 🙂
Have a lovely weekend coming up! 
(Pink Flare ‘In The Cloud’ dress, Bershka cardigan, Hublot watch, ASOS armswag, Celine bag, Balenciaga wedges)