When was the last time that you felt truly happy? Was it last week when you were having a gloriously carefree day with your friends or a couple of days ago when you were spending quality time with your loved ones? What about the time in between from then till now?

Of course, we’re not happy all the time. That’s indisputable. Personally, I go through days where I feel really crap when things don’t seem to be going right and there are some days where I wake up feeling down, for no particular reason at all. I don’t think that I’m a happy person by nature. You know those people you meet that seem to radiate happiness and positivity naturally? I’m not like that. 

So, I got tired of feeling down and low one day sometime last year and started researching on how to be happy. Yes, I literally googled, ‘how to be happy’. I read tons of articles and I found the tips below particularly useful. I hope that if anyone of you is trying to stay on a brighter side of life, that this helps. Trust me, it feels much better to be positive and happy!
  • Change your thoughts. Your thoughts control your feelings and in order to become a happier person, you need to think happy thoughts. Instead of focusing on your problems, what you lack or the idea of not being enough, focus on gratitude. Think of things (even small things) or people that you are grateful for in your life. When I wake up in the mornings, I try and think about 5 things that I’m grateful for in my life.
  • Focus on your strengths. We all have a talent that makes us feel good. Whether it’s your ability to shoot nice pictures, bake a gorgeous cake; putting that talent to use is a big contributor to happiness. 
  • Do the things you love. Choose one thing to do everyday to elevate your mood. When I’m having a rough day, I treat myself to a nice meal or a yummy dessert to make myself happy.
  • Choose to be happy. Happiness is a choice. Make a conscious effort to shake off whatever bad feelings that you have and work towards your goal of achieving happiness.
  • Practice makes perfect. Nobody can become positively happy overnight. Like everything else, it takes practice and a conscious effort to want to be positive and happier.
Happiness in one picture. Here’s a list of things that make me happy. What’s on your list?
  1. Yummy dessert and good food
  2. A slow, hot shower with nice-smelling scents
  3. A good read
  4. Spending quality time with my loved ones and friends
  5. Shopping (retail therapy!)
  6. Listening to my favourite songs (and singing along)
  7. Traveling (especially road trips)
  8. Good skin and skincare that works (more on that below)
This post is in collaboration with Clarins and this is one of the best campaigns that I’ve been a part of. I love that this campaign spreads the meaningful message of happiness, positivity and staying on the brighter side of life.
As a part of the campaign, I got to try the new Clarins White Plus Serum, White Plus Emulsion and UV Plus. I’ve used all 3 products religiously for about 2 months now and the most obvious difference I’ve noticed is that my skin looks fairer, brighter and more even-toned overall. I had initial fears that my skin would break out with a range designed to brighten and hydrate at the same time but my skin has been behaving and better than ever. 
Clarins White Plus Serum
This brightening serum contains acerola fruit to effectively reduce melanin production (the stuff that causes pigmentation and dark spots), even out skin tone, and give you fairer, brighter and translucent skin with a healthy glow.
I apply this serum every morning and night after toner, before moisturizer. It’s my current favourite nighttime skincare regime. Since I’ve started using this serum, I’ve been waking up to bright skin in the mornings…even on nights when I’ve only had 4 hours of sleep!
Clarins White Plus Total Luminescent Brightening Hydrating Emulsion SPF20
This clarifying emulsion ticks all the boxes for what I want in a day moisturizer. It hydrates, clarifies and protects skin all at once. I use it every morning after toner and serum. The emulsion helps my makeup go on smoothly and keeps my face matte and shine-free all day.  
Clarins UV Plus Anti-Pollution SPF50/PA++++
Designed to provide daytime protection from the harshness of the city environment and keep your skin looking bright and fresh looking even when pollution, heat and humidity are at their peak.
I love the smooth texture of this day screen and how it melts into the skin without leaving my skin feeling oily. I’m using the rosy glow shade and as the name suggests, it gives my skin a hint of natural pinkish glow. My skin sometimes oxidizes and looks dull by late afternoon but this product keeps my skin looking bright and fresh all day. I also love that it protects my skin from UV rays, free radicals and pollution. 
I’m so pleased that I’ve found a skincare range that works and delivers what it promises.
For more details on the products and to shop online: www.clarins.com.sg
To redeem your free trial for the White Plus Serum: http://po.st/Jeneen
[Disclaimer: This post is in collaboration with Clarins. However, all opinions expressed are my own and not of Clarin’s.]







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