I’ve always been diligent with my skincare from a young age. Thankfully (or not!), I had acne when I was a teenager and since then, I’ve been religious with my skincare routine. 

I’m always on the quest for the next better product. People don’t quite believe when I tell them that I have issues with my skin as my face looks clear most of the time. Honestly, it’s a result of a lot of hard work and diligence with my skincare routine.
Owing to my sensitive skin issues, I read up a lot about skincare. I remember reading long ago that you have to start anti-aging care early to preserve what you have, before it all goes south and is too late. It made a lot of sense to me then and naturally, I started my anti-aging skincare routine relatively early when I was in my early 20’s. Despite all that, I still notice lines appearing around my eyes now that I’ve crossed the 30’s mark. As I look back and compare with old photos, I also notice that aging means a loss of volume in certain parts of my face – my cheeks are no longer as full as before. Dermatologists have recommended that I inject fillers in my cheeks…but I really don’t want to go down that route.

So, imagine how excited I was when I found out that L’Oréal Paris has just launched and is the first in the market to release a range of anti-aging products inspired by the filler procedure to restore facial volume for a youthful look! Fillers without the injections? I have to give it a try.   
The new Revitalift Filler range contains the highest Hyaluronic Acid concentration ever in a L’Oréal  Paris skincare product to plump up and smoothen the skin without going under the needle. Hyaluronic Acid is well-loved by many because it is a safe and natural ingredient that is non-invasive. To mimic the bi-fold effect (instant volume + stimulate natural production of collagen) from dermal fillers, Revitalift Filler uses nanoparticle Hyaluronic Acid in a high concentration for effective delivery and Fibroxyl, a herbal extract active ingredient for anti-wrinkle and firming.

The Revitalift Filler essence contains 50X concentrated Hyaluronic Acid to help regain facial volume. It has a lightweight, gel-like texture and is easily and quickly absorbed into the skin. The packaging is also super unique – an airless dropper keeps the ingredients fresh without being exposed to the air, so it retains its maximum effectiveness each time you apply. This airless dropper also makes the application very hygienic and precise (2-3 pumps is all I need).
I gently spread it on specific areas that need targeted and extra anti-aging care such as the forehead, laugh lines, cheeks and chin. I apply it in the mornings and evenings on a cleansed face before the cream.
The Revitalift Filler cream is a daily anti-aging moisturizer that plumps up the skin with moisture and smoothens lines. It has a really interesting name – Cushion Cream. Upon application, the cream gently moisturizes the skin and creates a visibly soft and plumpy cushion effect. The cream is neither sticky nor greasy, feels ultra-light on the skin and absorbs very quickly, leaving your skin feeling really soft and smooth. Plus, it smells really nice too. I apply it all over my cleansed face after the essence. 
The Results:
I’ve used the essence and cream for about 4 weeks and I notice that the wrinkles around my eyes have lessened. My under eye concealer doesn’t cake into the wrinkle lines as much! The apples of my cheeks also seem plumper. Overall, my skin feels smoother, more hydrated and my makeup is gliding on smoother than before.
Both products are now available at major retail stores such as Watsons, Guardian, SASA, selected supermarkets and departmental stores. Go try it for yourself!

[Disclaimer: This post is in collaboration with L’Oreal. However, all opinions expressed are my own and not of L’Oreal’s.] 


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