A Review Of My Anti-Aging Facial Treatment at JHGC

I went for an anti-aging facial treatment at JHGC recently. Called the IGF-1 Triple Effect Therapy, it’s a newly launched facial therapy from Japan.

JHGC is a well-known hair and facial treatment centre from Japan and they’ve got many outlets all over Tokyo and other Japanese cities.
This IGF-1 Triple Effect Therapy is supposed to 1) lift your face, 2) improve your skin condition and 3) relieve shoulder aches and headaches. As I suffer from chronic shoulder aches that lead to migraines, I was really looking forward to #3.
When I arrived at their outlet at Triple One Somerset, I was first met and greeted by their very friendly Japanese Salon Manager. How very authentic! After going through the usual facial treatment formalities and understanding what I was going to experience, I was ushered into the treatment room. I remember having a headache that day (from my shoulders) and I was really looking forward to relieve it during the treatment.

Step 01:
The therapist started the treatment with the massage right away (yay!). The massage is unlike any massages that I’ve ever had before. The therapist focused on relieving the muscles on my head and through it all, I felt a comfortable soreness and could literally feel the tension from my head and shoulders melt away.

Step 02:
Next, she removed my makeup, cleansed my face and applied the MT Exfoliator to exfoliate my skin. The exfoliator was extremely gentle and felt really soothing.

Step 03:
Then, she spread a Vitamin C Serum over my whole face and used the Agaia Plus device to shine a blue light over my face. This part of the treatment rejuvenates the skin and promotes cell reproduction in the skin. 

Step 04:

She massaged my face with lifting techniques after the Agaia Plus Treatment. I really like that this treatment combines human touch and technology.

Step 05:

Finally, a facial pack was applied to my face and the Agaia Blue LED light was shone on my face for about 10 minutes.


Before (with makeup)

After (without makeup)
What I first noticed immediately after the treatment was how soft my face felt and how much brighter my skin looked. It may not look like it in the ‘before’ picture as I had makeup on, but my skin was looking rather dull before the treatment. The therapist who worked on me (she’s got the best skin I’ve ever seen – poreless, clear and glowing!) remarked that after she removed my makeup.
Comparing the before and after picture, my slightly saggy jowls have been lifted and my right cheek and right eyelid (my usual trouble spots) also look more lifted than before. 
It’s also been a week and my tension headache has not come back. Good riddance to that, hopefully!
If you’d like to try the treatment too, JHGC is offering an exclusive trial price of $68 (U.P.$250) for a limited period. You can call the Triple One Somerset outlet at 6499 9158 or the One Raffles Place outlet at 6830 7898 to book your appointments.
For more information:

[Disclaimer: This post is in collaboration with JHGC. However, all opinions expressed are my own and not of JHGC’s.] 



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