My 3-day juice cleanse experience

I met the lovely people from Beauty Cleanse a while back at an event. They shared their juice cleansing process, the benefits and I got to try some of their juices. They got me interested in the whole juice cleansing idea, but I felt like I wasn’t ready to embark and commit to a cleanse then. 
Fast forward to last week, the idea of doing a juice detox came back to me again. I’ve been binge eating for weeks and my body felt overloaded. I was mentally sluggish and physically drained. With a wedding coming up at the end of the year, I felt like I couldn’t continue my unhealthy lifestyle. I wanted to ‘reboot’ and ‘re-start’ my body and re-think my lifestyle habits. Coincidentally, Beauty Cleanse contacted me about their loyalty programme, Beauty and Belle and offered to start me on the programme with a 3-Day Juice Cleanse.

Feeling quite ready to commit to 3 whole days of having just juice this time, I accepted the ‘challenge’. To be honest, I wasn’t sure at all if I could go through with it because I’m the sorta girl who loves her food, a lot.

Juice cleansing aside, here’s the fun part of doing a juice cleanse with Beauty Cleanse. Their loyalty programme, Beauty and Belle is a year long membership that consists of 3 comprehensive cleanse plans + special discounts and exclusive passes to yoga, zumba, pilates, pole dancing classes, and aesthetics and spa treatments. This holistic platform helps you extend beyond your juice cleanse programmes to incorporate a healthier spiritual, mental and physical lifestyle for yourself. Looking through the Beauty and Belle Playbook, I’m most tempted to try out the pilates class. There’s 1 x complimentary class every month!

The Playbook consists of 3 Wellness Journeys for you to embark on, each designed to achieve a specific wellness objective while having fun throughout. Best part: You get a reward after completing each journey! Beauty and Belle offers rewards such as cash and travel vouchers. 

The whole idea behind Beauty and Belle is about feeling good inside out. Extending beyond eating healthy and exercising, there are activities in there that requires you to spend quality time with your family and activities that encourage you to relax and spend quality me-time. Such activities include cook-outs and baking sessions with your family and organising a girls’ day out with your BFFs. I really like this holistic approach to wellness!  

So, the night before my cleanse was supposed to start, the cold pressed juices arrived fresh at my doorstep. And to ready myself to stick it through the cleanse, I pulled out of and didn’t make any appointments for meals with friends. I knew that I wouldn’t be able to just sit and watch people eat while I drank my juice.    
Day 1
I started the day with a glass of warm water with fresh lemon and followed with my first bottle of juice. I mixed half of the juice with the Colosan powder mix according to instructions, waited for 30mins and finished up the remaining juice with the other supplements provided. I received packets of a Green Superfoods powder and Spirulina, Flaxseed Oil, liver support and Acai Berry supplement tablets.
I continued about my day as usual, working and going for meetings. I think it helped that I was really busy that day, but it did take all my willpower to not think of food. I followed Beauty Cleanse’s Cleanse Tip of the Day #1 to Always stay hydrated during your cleanse. Keep herbal tea, water, lemon water, coconut water or ginger drink by your side all day to ensure your body is nice and balanced. Studies often indicate that all those times when we feel hungry, it is actually our brain trying to tell us that we are thirsty.”   
Everytime I felt hungry or craved for something, I drank the juices (6 bottles is really way more than enough for me) and drank lots of water. It also helped that my friends around me and Jon were really supportive. They rallied with me along the way and Jon kept food out of my sight (eating meals earlier before I got home and everything), just so I wouldn’t be tempted.
Looking back as I write this blogpost now, Day 1 was the hardest for me. I felt lethargic and all I really wanted to do was eat a hot meal.
Day 2
I repeated the morning routine and felt much fresher on this day. Day 2 was also the day where I went to the toilet, a lot. I assume that this is a sign of the juices working and the body going into cleansing mode. 
Surprisingly, it got much easier for me on this day and I stopped craving for food. I even tempted myself by thinking about the sweets and chocolates in my fridge, but I didn’t feel like having any. Overall, I felt mentally more alert despite not having my usual caffeine routine and was secretly liking the fact that I didn’t need the hassle of thinking about and buying food to feed myself. It was so easy to just reach for a bottle of juice to fill myself up. 
By nighttime, I already knew that I was going to be able to complete the cleanse and that felt like a mini victory to me. I celebrated by thinking about what I was going to eat when I broke my juice fast and went to bed happy, haha.
Day 3
I woke up feeling the most benefits of the cleanse on Day 3. My skin looked a lot clearer and brighter naturally. This was amazing for me as I didn’t particularly use any different or extra skincare products, nor did I pay extra attention to take care of it. I’ve long suspected that my bad diet habits were the cause of some of my skin issues like pore clogging and dullness. The sluggishness and ‘fog in my head’ that I’ve been experiencing for weeks before cleared and lifted. I felt energetic and mentally alert. I was raring to go and was enthusiastic about completing the cleanse programme. 
Having ‘just juice’ through the day didn’t bother me and when I reached the last bottle of juice, it almost felt like a 3-day juice cleanse was too short. 
Completing what I thought would be an impossible task for me is very gratifying and this in some ways acts as a boost to my own confidence. As the cliche goes, you can do all things when you set your mind on it. The benefits that came along the 3-day cleanse was a definite boon. I experienced first hand what eating healthy could do for myself and my body and I’m definitely going to use this cleanse to kick-start a healthier diet habit. 
Having supportive family and friends helped me stick through my plan and I also found it immensely helpful for Beauty Cleanse to email me cleansing tips everyday. I also loved having their Beauty Cleanse Advisor check in on my every now and then. I could clear any doubts I had about the cleanse anytime and knowing that there was an expert that I could lean on and ask questions definitely helped me through the cleansing process.
Disclaimer: I was gifted the set of 3-Day cleanse from Beauty Cleanse. All opinions expressed in the post are my own and not those of Beauty Cleanse’s.  

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