No more embarrassing wallet-less situations!

I’ve recently downloaded this new App that is my lifesaver – Dash. I’ve forgotten to take my wallet out with me on too many occassions and have often been left stranded and cashless. It’s worst when I hop into a cab, only to realize that I don’t have my wallet with me when I reach my destination. I  usually have to call my friends desperately to save me from my cashless and embarassing situation. Not anymore! 
Dash is a phone app by SingTel and Standard Chartered Bank that allows you to download cash straight to your phone, just like how you download music and everything that you love. Wish Dash, you can pay your friends from mobile to mobile and purchase things from merchants such as Watsons, Koi Bubble Tea, all label under Wing Tai such as Topshop, Miss Selfridge, etc and many more. You can also pay for Comfort Taxi cab rides! 
This is what you see when you log into your Dash app – your updated cash balance.
Choose to pay friends who have the Dash app too or pay businesses.
It’s super easy to use. The App automatically detects which stores are nearby when you log on and you select from the list of merchants to make your payment.
You then select the counter code to finalize your payment. 
The counter codes are visibly placed, usually at the merchant’s cash register…like this! 
Here’s a list of my past transactions. I have the $10 bonus from Dash when I signed up, money transferred from Sheena and shopping done at Watsons and Topshop. 
“Can I pay by Dash please” is my new favourite line when I go shopping. It’s such a super convenient and easy to use app. 
As this Dash App is linked to a Standard Chartered bank account, you need to open an account with them to utilize the app. Did I mention that you don’t even need to head to the bank to sign up for an account. Everything can be easily done online – I promise. I was surprised at how easy it was to get started on Dash. There was no hassle of bank tokens or waiting to get everything verified – you know those troublesome and tedious bank procedures. I literally could use Dash immediately after signing it up online.
These are the two items that I got from Topshop with Dash: palm print playsuit and skorts.

Other than shopping, I hear that you can also pay for utility or credit card bills on-the-go.
Click on this link to sign up for Dash. You will get $10 instantly. Free money…yay!

To find out more about this awesome App, check out:
Dash’s website:
YouTube: Dash Singapore
Also, for the month of July, you can participate in a Lookbook contest where winners for both female & male categories get to win a $200 makeover at Topshop/ Topmen!

All you need to do is show how you can update your wardrobe instantly by using 1 staple piece to create 3 looks! Tag a friend whose wardrobe #NeedsAnUpdate or comment on why your wardrobe needs an update!
Contest details:
7 July-11 July- Lookbook contest (female)
14 July-18 July Lookbook contest (Male)
25-27July – Winners go on a paid shopping trip at Topshop
30-31 July- Winners will be featured!
     Don’t forget to download Dash and share why Your Wardrobe #needsanupdate like how mine does!

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