Beauty One True Match

There are many reasons why I fall in love. It could be the looks, excitement of the new, butterflies in the stomach…amongst many others. What seals the deal – that tipping point that pushes me over the edge to really fall are these few reasons above all else – my one true match must make me a better person, complement me perfectly and help me shine.
These 3 tipping point reasons resonate to many other aspects of my life. In the aspect of beauty, I have found my perfect partner who amplifies these 3 reasons in L’Oreal’s One True Match Liquid Foundation ($30.90). 

With the Opti-match technology, the foundation has six shades to match anyone’s skin. I’m using shade N1 and it complements me perfectly (reason 1); blending to my skin tone flawlessly and covers my imperfections, pores and blemishes without feeling too thick and heavy on my skin. Most importantly, the colour stays true all day without oxidizing, helping me shine and look my best at all times (reason 2). The secret I hear to the flawless finish is in the micro-fine formula that adheres to skin contours. This allows the foundation to blend evenly throughout the whole face whilst concealing imperfections for a gorgeous, smooth finish. 

These are the 6 fundation shades. (From left to right) N1, N4, N7, G3, R1 and R2.

Check out the coverage of the foundation on this blemished mango. I repeat, the foundation covers flaws well, but yet still feels light and comfortable on the skin. 

Here’s my Before / After:

The foundation evened out my skin tone and brightened my skin, giving me an overall fairer and brighter complexion.

What got me most excited is how the True Match Foundation matches up to making me a better person (reason 3). This foundation promises to improve skin quality in two weeks. What a daring promise! It contains Hyaluronic Acid that moisturizes the skin, no oil, fragrance or pore-clogging fillers. It also contains sunscreen to protect against both UVA and UVB rays. With so many benefits, there’s no wonder why they’re so daring and confident in their promise!
With so many pluses, what’s not to love about the L’Oreal One True Match Liquid Foundation? I’m a convert! If you would like to win a $150 L’Oreal Paris hamper for yourself, check out @lorealparissg on Instagram for more details.

Wearing the One True Match Liquid Foundation in N1.

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