mioTV cHK – your daily dose of everything Hong Kong

Here’s some awesome news for fans of Hong Kong entertainment. SingTel mioTV has just launched a brand new channel, cHK (Ch 510) just for you!  cHK screens content direct from Hong Kong; dramas (in original Cantonese language), blockbuster movies, lifestyle programmes, latest gossip, e-news, the works. The channel even screens the more ‘provocative’ programmes that other traditional Hong Kong entertainment channels won’t show. Exciting much??  


Here’s even more awesome news, cHK wants to send you to Hong Kong! 

Here’s how:

1. Look out for cHK pins around Singapore, snap a picture of it and post it on your Instagram account.

2. Hashtag your photo with #cHKlocation (e.g. #cHKcomcentre) and leave your email address in the comment.

The more pins you post, the higher your chance of winning and going to Hong Kong. You can check your pin standing on the leaderboard.

For more details: http://www.miotv.com.sg/chkcontest
Contest period: 18 Nov – 15 Dec

 Pin locations
SingTel shop Jurong Point
SingTel shop West Mall
SingTel shop Causeway Point
SingTel shop AMK Hub
SingTel shop Compass Point
SingTel shop Tampines Mall

Here’s the leaderboard (hey that’s me right on top!)
Here’s me with a virtual pin, for now.

This is how the actual pin looks.
Happy Pinning, everyone…and good luck! 

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