Tokyo Bust Express

I spent my Friday evening being completely pampered by Tokyo Bust Express. For those of you who may not know what Tokyo Bust Express is, they are a centre that use natural and safe methods to enhance your breasts. They use massage techniques, creams and machines to target any breast problems that you may have. 
Here’s a list of some of the things that they can do for you: 

– Enhance the size of your breasts (the therapist told me that you can go up by 1 cup size!). 
– Prevent or improve saggy and droopy breasts.
– Improve your bust posture.
– Regain suppleness and firmness after child birth.
– Improve the look of your areola (lightening and preventing/improving small bumps around the area).
– Decrease menopause symptoms with ovary massages. This ovary massage can also boost fertility and reduce menstrual cramps. 
What caught my interest the most, was the health benefits that came alongside the beauty enhancements from the treatments. Treatments at Tokyo Bust Express will also help in detoxification, improving blood circulation, preventing breast cysts and decreasing the risk of breast cancer.
Prior to my Friday’s session, I had already gone to the centre for a breast analysis and a treatment session on Tuesday. The consultant, Evonne, told me during my analysis session that I was of quite a good size (Phew! I always thought that I was mini!) and that with some focus on enhancement and lifting, I could achieve even nicer and fuller looking breasts. I could even go up by 1 cup size if I was diligent with my treatments! (Although, she did stress that results may vary with different women.)
She also told me that my breasts had a larger percentage of fats as compared to mammary glands, which meant that if I lost or put on weight, my breasts would follow my weight fluctuation and increase or decrease proportionately. (Boo!!) What they hoped to achieve for me, is to stimulate the mammary glands and increase their sizes so that my breasts will not be affected by my weight fluctuations. You see, mammary glands are what that determines the size of a woman’s breasts. 

Above are some of the ingredients used in their creams and the functions of them. A main ingredient, Phytoestrogen is present in all their creams used. Phytoestrogen replaces and stimulates the female hormones. 
What impressed me most during my analysis session was the knowledge that the consultant had. She was like a walking ‘breast wikipedia’! 
I was given this supplement cream for after treatment care to improve firmness.
Here are the treatment rooms. I had my session at Tokyo Bust Express’s new outlet at City Square Mall. Very nice and cosy!
Check out my treatment room! The lovely people at Tokyo Bust Express had sprinkled rose petals all around. I was pretty much given the royal treatment, and I was so so touched. Thank you!!! 
Here’s me, pre-treatment in the cosy little room.
Changed and ready for treatment! They even gave me a stalk of sunflower. Boy, do the people at Tokyo Bust Express really know how to pamper us girls! 

 First up – a short relaxing massage. It was sooooo good.

Next, a cream was applied and my chest was wrapped up. The therapist increased the level of intensity from the machine in accordance to my level of ‘tolerance’. It actually wasn’t painful at all. All I felt was a vibrating and tingling sensation. I actually fell asleep. 

After which, the therapist proceeded to give me a breast massage, to stimulate the mammary glands. The massage also helps in re-shaping and increasing the fullness and firmness of breasts. I peeked at my boobs after 1 side was done and was surprised to find that already the side that was done looked fuller than the other! 
Angel, my therapist was explaining the steps of the treatment along the way and patiently responding to the many questions I was asking. 
Evonne, Ms ‘Breast Wikipedia’! She’s had 6 years of experience working with the woman’s assets and know so much about them. 

With the consultant and therapist. Thanks for such a good overall experience at Tokyo Bust Express! xo
It’s Day 3 after my session today and my womanly assets feel slightly sore and swollen (in a good way), which I translate to a fuller front. I am sold that I may really get to increase a cup size if I remain diligent and consistent with my treatments. The therapist and consultant did stress throughout that as the techniques applied are natural (unlike fillers or invasive techniques), results may vary with different women. 
Before I end, here’s a special promotion for my readers! 

Festive Joy! Pep-me-Up Package:

8 Bust Volumizer Treatments + 1 Daizu Boost-Up Mask + $888 Treatment Voucher + X’mas Joy Welcome Pack worth $580 + Exclusive for City Square Mall: First 50 customers enjoy an additional complimentary Kirei Pink Nipples Treatment worth $688 (complimentary to my readers only!) 

Total deal for just $12 instead of the usual $1888!

Here’s how to make an appointment:
  • SMS PFTokyo_FullName_NRIC to 85330226
  • call 62626161, 
  • or email your details, PFTokyo_FullName_Contact_NRIC to and mention XOXO,Jeneen to enjoy this promotion. 

Terms & Conditions

-Females above 18 years old only
-While stocks last for Xmas Joy Welcome Pack
– Treatment voucher applicable for non-promotional services only
-Strictly by appointment only
-Promotion valid for 2 months

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